Undoubtedly, mobile phones have become pervasive to human life. They offer amazing user experiences through swift and advanced mobile apps. These apps can be conveniently accessed for offering decent native experiences. In fact, mobile app technology is upgrading at a rapid speed. The breakthrough technologies of yesteryears have become a pass. The scenarios have completely changed. And, developers are enthusiastic than ever before to enhance mobile app UX & UI design through innovative techniques.

So, what's next What future beholds for app development trends? Here, we'll delve into the top trends that may disrupt this landscape in the year 2017.

Upgraded Interfaces with In-App Gestures: Touchscreen devices have become a common trend. Hence, core gestures have taken over this space completely. This element is integrated intelligently into the mobile UX/UI development to enhance its usability and engagement.

In 2017, we look forward to the introduction of new gestures for improved interactions and better speed. Innovative gestures will be implemented for lively user experiences. Actions will become simpler with a gesture like swipe used as a shortcut for most of the applications.

In this regard, progressive gestures may take precedence due to the clarity in visual cues and the potential to enhance the overall mobile experiences.

Personalized User Interfaces: As mobile phone users, we all are different in our own ways. Hence, there can?t be a UI design that fits every device and suits every user. We need personalization of user interfaces. It implies that the mobile app design will be customized to your personal preferences. Developers already possess the required Metadata pertaining to the users.

Hence, they can easily design apps that can adapt to different font sizes, sounds, images, and screen settings. This coming year, you can anticipate age-responsive designs focused on providing personalized user experiences.

Interactive Interfaces: This trend has been in news throughout the year 2016 and will, hopefully, remain the same in 2017 as well. In fact, it will grow stronger. People love chatting and developers are tapping into their interests. As a result, voice-activated interactive platforms along with chatbots will become dominative in the coming year. You will see more sophisticated chatbots taking over this space and amazing you with their unique interactivity.


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VR and AR Integrated Apps: The convergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has completely changed the face of mobile apps. It is set to become more impactful in 2017. These technologies are fuelled by advanced devices having better processors, HD-quality displays, faster speed, and sharper cameras. With the emergence of 5G speed in mobile devices, AR-based apps will become a reality. However, its efficacy will largely depend on the quality of VR hardware. So, the collaborations between UX designers and 3D architects will increase to create anticipated user experiences and immersive designs.

AI-Powered Interfaces: Artificial Intelligence is the future and mobile apps are all set to embrace it. The bots are interacting with users for every thinkable task because they are designed to do so. With voice input command, this trend will surely improve the mobile app UX in 2017 and beyond.

Advanced Navigation: The navigation is the way your app communicates with the users. It must be simple, intuitive, and enriching. In the past year, linear navigation and hamburger menus hijacked this space. But, the future demands a change. Hence, you may witness the emergence of Parallax Scrolling. It causes the effect to which the foreground moves faster than the background. This will result in dynamic scrolling that keeps the users engaged for longer spans. Most importantly, the navigation will become thumb-friendly to make scrolling easier on every screen size.

Mobile Apps for Smart Wearables: The advent of wearable technology has opened newer avenues of growth for UX/UI design trends. Interlinked devices controlled by apps will no longer be restricted to the healthcare industry. This technology will be expanded to enterprise-level applications across the industries. It will surely evolve in 2017 with improvisations and innovations.


In the arena of mobile app development, change is consistent and customary. Hence, the mobile UX/UI universe will rely on faster apps offering robust and personalized experiences to the users. The cutting-edge technologies like IoT, VR, AI, AR, and chatbots will become a norm for the industry. And, the dynamism will be the buzzword for UX/UI design trends in 2017.

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal IT Solution, a prominent Mobile App Development Company offering cutting-edge iPhone App Development and Android App Development services to Startups, SMEs and Fortune-500 Companies.

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