Today people tremendously depend on mobile applications for their day-to-day requirements and this opens a plethora of opportunities for the savvy people who don’t want to miss on this chance to cash into the fame and dependency on mobile applications. They are looking to make the most of this chance to earn profit out of these apps. In order to thrive in their business, they look to create apps that not just demonstrate their work but even bring invaluable customers.

Now both web and mobile app development are aspiring fields, and the customers really struggle if they are required to choose one, as that would be a pretty challenging decision to make. Even though it would be great to have both websites and mobile apps, but it is certainly impossible to survive in this competitive app-dominating market without mobile apps.


In the present times, biggies like Instagram, Uber, Google Maps, PayPal, and others have taken the digital market by storm. Thus, people are keen on starting their business with similar applications for which they choose a firm that can well understand their requirements and offer an apt solution meeting their budget restraints. They also wish to launch their venture spectacularly so as to stay ahead of their competitors.

There are a number of mobile apps that have made it big in the online world in recent times in diverse sectors and have attained the highest growth. So, what makes the difference? It has been noticed that the most successful apps are the ones that have stayed true to the current market trends and integrated their apps with the latest technology.

Hence, here we are discussing the top mobile app development trends of 2020

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

When AR & VR first ventured into the market, they were considered suitable for gaming apps only. However, that has changed with time and today tech enthusiasts have innovated this technology to a great extent that both Apple and Google are releasing new AR demos on their latest devices. This is proof enough that both AR/VR will change the game in the near future. These technologies are proving to be used highly even on the social platforms for the purpose of branding & targeting potential customers via “Beyond The Screens” AR/VR applications.

Like, we already have Instagram & Snapchat that have released AR filters turning human faces into a number of digital funny characters. A few of the examples of AR/VR trends are AR in Manufacturing, AR in Healthcare, AR in Marketing & Advertising, & Mobile AR disruption.

Smart Things


This term essentially came in with the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a network of physical objects embedded with electronics, sensors, and software, where all are interconnected within the network. Big brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Honeywell, Bosch, and several other big brands already hold a big market share in IoT technology. The recent IoT app development trends consist of Google Home, Nest Smart, Kisi Smart Lock, etc. IoT has completely changed the global IT market and by 2020 it is expected to generate $1.335 trillion US dollars in terms of revenue. In the future, we expect IoT to full-fledged enter in healthcare, self-driving cars, routers equipped with enhanced security, smart roads, smart homes, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Today Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are ruling the mobile app arena. In the case of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this technology has manifested in the form of Chatbots, and in Apple’s Siri we have seen an apt combination of both AI & Machine Learning. In the year 2019, we saw the technology of AI and Machine Learning enter in other areas as well, apart from Chatbots & Siri. We saw a number of organizations embrace AI technology in an attempt to grow profitability and reduce operational expenses in a number of ways.


As per IDC, more than 75% of the workers, who are currently using ERP solutions, are going to soon leverage AI capabilities to enhance their proficiency in the workplace. This way it is pretty clear that AI and Machine Learning have a good standing in the arena of mobile apps and the future holds a lot for them. In the coming times, we may come across Automated Machine Learning, AI-enabled chips, AI-automated DevOps through AIOps, and Interoperability among the neural networks.



Beacons has so effortlessly slipped into the technology world that it does not look like a technology launched a while ago. It seems like a newbie but that is not the case as it established itself as one of the most admired technology. Beacons did not remain limited to a particular field but have spread over the number of different industries like Museums, Hotels, Healthcare. These industries use beacons technology to develop their applications. A large number of audience has understood the essence of this technology and are able to use it effectively. Also, this is just the start of this technology as it is meant to achieve far greater goods.

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In recent times, Beacons joined hands with IoT in the retail market to help spread vital information regarding sales to their users and virally other trending promos that are hot in their neighborhood. Some areas where the beacons technology will become advanced in the future include AI-enabled chips, Mobile payments beacons, Automated machine learning, Beacon treasure hunting.

Mobile Wallets


Mobile payment solution app development is growing with each passing and its aura is only going to elevate in the coming future. One of the major concerns among app developers is its security and when this aspect is taken care of, it increases the probability of more mobile wallet users. Customers want their payment process to be completed in the shortest span of time and therefore mobile wallet becomes essential in this aspect. Major mobile wallet trends that we will be experiencing are contactless payment, over 2 billion mobile wallet users and an increase in the security of mobile wallets.

Blockchain Technology


Blockchain, when it was introduced to the present world, brought loads of opportunities in the IT sector along with it. Creating cryptocurrencies and smart contacts are only one of the features of blockchain as there is more associated with this advanced technology. Decentralized mobile application development is one of the features of blockchain that has come under the radar of various app development companies. The main purpose of blockchain in developing decentralized mobile apps is to make the app itself decentralized which is similar to bitcoin’s blockchain which was used for making money. Upcoming trends that will be associated with blockchain are asset tokenization, BAAS (Blockchain as a service), crypto space and gaming and trading on cryptocurrencies exchange.

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The market value of wearable devices is assumed to reach over $33 billion in 2019 and this shows how much the wearables industry has grown in the past few years. And with a rapid rise expected, there will be a time where wearables devices will be placed in the same column as that mobile devices. Smartphones act as the main control panel for wearable devices and it is a no-brainer to understand that smartphones need to be paired with them in order for wearable devices to function.

But according to the co-founder of a prestigious company, smartphones will no longer be the actual control devices for these wearable devices as these devices will directly be connected to the web or if all goes well, even to our body. Trends that were seen related to wearable devices include wearable technology claiming number 1 spot in fitness trends 2019 plus increment in wearable watches causes decrement in sales of traditional watches.

On-demand App Development

The on-demand business model has introduced a long time ago in the arena of mobile apps but even then it was called the future of technology. There has been an increment in the number of industries that have started to embrace the functionality of the on-demand business model. If we look at the stats then we find that around 42% of the adult population has used at least one on-demand service in their lifetime. And this number is only going to rise in the coming future as the on-demand model has become an integral part of a number of industries.


Companies that are still working without this business model need to involve this into their mechanism as soon as possible otherwise they should prepare themselves for a landslide. Trends that were viral regarding on-demand are more focus on the B2B sector and also more industries are embracing on-demand applications.

Mobile Payment Services


Mobile application development is leaving behind no one and therefore banking platforms will also be considered. This is the reason why we will see an increase in the number of mobile payment options in the coming year. Rise of e-commerce and various other digital services will act as a catalyst in making banks create more convenient sources of payment.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Two key aspects that will fuel the growth of AMP in the coming future are Google & Guarding. This platform looks to improve the performance plus loading speed of the pages. This provides a platform to rank the application on the basis of application optimization.

Enterprise Mobile Management


It is expected that mobile applications will be at their peak in order for technology businesses to grow. To keep the mobile applications function at full tilt, there is enterprise mobile management (EMM) in the market. This service look after the app security and management of finances in the entrepreneurship world.

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Application Performance Management (APM)


The performance of mobile applications varies with time and because of some other factors. To make sure that customers do not face any kind of problem while using these mobile apps, search engines like google increases the overall quality of such platforms. And this is the reason why you don’t experience lags and snags while going through these apps.

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Conclusion: Evolving with time is necessary for any company in order to stay ahead of its counterparts and this evolving can be done by constantly involving the latest technologies and current trends in your business model. This will make sure that you stay ahead of your competitors. Through this article, we tried to connect you to most of the latest trends in the market that will help you to take your company a notch higher.