Misconceptions That People Generally Have about Web Design and Development

Businesses are more and more becoming more dependent on an online presence, so the pressure to have a successful website is very high. However, some entrepreneurs have misguided notions about how web design and development should work and by simply hiring website designing services they can sail through.

This post explores some common beliefs among non-tech-savvy business people about web design. It will address aspects like micro-managing instead of trusting your developer and assuming that hiring a web developer will make a website viral. It will also discuss how to address these misconceptions. Misconception about Web Design and Development

Web Design Is Easy To Do

One of the most harmful misconceptions is that web design is easy. It’s clearly not. Sure, a beautiful website may look effortless and work intuitively, but it did not get that way without a lot of hard work. Every button or feature on a website takes hours of coding. Every layout takes a talent for refining creativity and reflecting a brand’s voice.

Every graphic takes research of new web designing trends, and many are created from scratch. Contrary to popular belief, some of the simplest website designs are the most complicated to produce. And complex sites are not cheap. So, next time you are gazing in awe at a gorgeous website, keep in mind that it took hundreds of hours (ad a hefty budget) to create.

My Designer Should Respond Immediately to Every Request

A number of web designers opt for their careers because they have a passion for web design, but also because they get to work on their own time. Everyone works differently, and some creative ones are not productive at 9 to 5 office jobs. This should be understood when working with a design team as custom website development is no easy.

A good designer should tell you up for what his or her particular work schedule is like. If your design team is more productive at night, don’t expect an 8 a.m. email to be answered immediately. If a designer doesn’t work on Sundays, wait until Monday to ask for the changes you’ve been wanting. Just like you want your time respected, your design team wants it’s respected, as well. Make sure to ask about everyone’s hours before the project begins so you know the best time to ask for changes and when you can expect an update or response.

Everyone Needs To Be Involved in the Process Bringing everyone on the same page is essential; however, not every person in your organization has to be called for in each meeting. A number of entrepreneurs air on the side of caution trying to keep everyone updated, but this can be a colossal waste of time for those who are not involved. Arrange brainstorming sessions instead of exclusive only to those who will be working on the project.

Octal serves this purpose the best as it is the most famed web development company in India. Your programmers don’t need to know the finer points of what will be published on your blog. And your content writer does not need to know how the blog was built. By making sure the team meeting consists of the appropriate members, you’ll save time and money, and your employees can concentrate on their sections of the projects.


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