Microsoft launched its latest version of Windows 10 which will be pronounced as, Windows 10 S. Of Late, it is being actually crafted for delivering empowered education and obviously thrives for chasing Chromebooks and Chrome OS. Just like Google’s own OS, Windows 10 S is also locked down in certain places and apps that are downloaded from the Windows Store only will be supported by this all new upgraded version. Microsoft explained some aspects of Windows 10 S onstage, but there’s a lot more to this new version. that needs to be elaborated.

Requires Windows Apps

The biggest change to Windows 10 S is that it’s locked to only work with Windows Store apps. That means search for an app , download it from there and get it installed. Several desktop apps such as Photoshop and Chrome simply aren’t in the Store but will be obviously revealed soon. Being one of the remarkable features, this all new updated Windows 10 S does allow developers to port their desktop apps into the Windows Store, but their are certain more features that are yet to be explored.

Microsoft is adding sea of Office apps to the Windows Store, and is has decided to launch the music stream apps too in order to augment its store incredibility. With its all new innovations and explorations, Microsoft App Store will be soon loaded with the pristine apps so as to raise it utilitarian criteria s.

Browse with Window 10 S only

Microsoft indeed supports alternative browsers in the Windows Store, but Windows 10 S puts a limitation on this features. As google lets you use only chrome as its browser when a link is clicked in the similar manner Windows OS make sure to adhere its users with it’s edge browser.

So, again when an app is not identified in the Windows store , update your Windows 10 S to Windows. Now, isn’t is an truly admirable fortune where users can actually download their desktop app from this updated PRO thing without any hassle. All is what that really needs to be focused upon is , that your have to pay a fixed amount price i.e. $49 for downloading the app. The price may vary for premium gadgets but is certainly low for reasonable devices. You may even get free download in case you own its surface laptop.

Now, exactly Decipher why Windows 10 S

Microsoft says its determined goal with Windows 10 S is to develop an submersible education platform for inclining astute density of the learners , scholars and others who really aims to perform undoubtedly, the best. but obviously in a strategic way.

Since it allows programmers to port their apps to the Windows Store, it certainly boosts up the Microsoft’s control over Windows ecosystem and portrays a graph of impressive developed percentages.

Windows 10 S as an features packed OS that aids developers, learners and entrepreneurs communities for maintaining an dominant reputation. Portability and scalability features that it actually carries is without a doubt leading into a giant competition amongst all the tech competitors.

Thus, Windows 10 S is all ready to dominate in the desktop world and is continuously proving its ability by making justifiable amendments in its OS.

So, get on with this Windows 10 S and upgrade your desktop and visualise its incredibility with a complete re-defined approach.


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