Metro Design Language – beginning of new era of designing!

Metro Design Language is the new concept of designing launched by Microsoft originally for Windows phone. The novel design language has all the elements and techniques to help the Windows Phone 7 get a new design decree something that conceives and endorses the contemporary design concepts for the evolved UI needs.

Advanced user experience is the first thing that it brings along. IT has not just helped the websites to convey the right feel but also led the way towards making a revitalizing source for third-party apps. It simply belongs to the new age idea of design. It emphasizes more on the text graphics and its relative placement besides making the entire design more functional rather than just a cosmetic caricature. The concept of Metro Design Language is heavily based on four design principles typography, motion, content and most inspiringly the authentic design.

Typography is the core constituent of Metro Design. It is based on the way of the content appears on the layout spread. It has more to do with the weight distribution, sizing, placement, relative substance and responsiveness of the typographies.

Driven by the Swiss Graphic Design pattern, it has revealed the most advantageous techniques you may use to communicate effectively using and applying the textual content. Motions are equally important in Metro Design Language. It supports incredible levels of transitions.

You can add immense capacity to your design by enabling the right shift and movement of design elements. It induces life to your tale – Helps you communicate more creatively and appealingly through that relative movement, perceptive characterization, an extra dimension, and depth. It hits hard on the content and less on the chrome (or graphics).

Small-sized gesture-based interaction is the key that drives the whole idea. Keeping more focus on the content and less of graphics it restricts the chrome to go over-the-top. It helps you easily and effectively put more illustrative and presentable data that can be actually read and of course look impressive and complements the interface and theme superbly.

An authentic design for multi-touch mobile devices is one of the supreme highlights of Metro. You would get to see fluid interaction between different gadget functionalities and the feature components with Metro’s responsive UI framework. It provides a highly screen-friendly and simplified set of communication entities that gets the best performance out from a contemporary mobile user interface.

All these features along with the most innovative set of design environment offered by Metro Design Language makes it a triumph for Microsoft and a great design platform for the mobile fraternity. For More Information Visit Here


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