Major Trends that Are Going to Play A Major Role this Year

2016 is going to be a crucial year for web designing as there are many changes emerging on the horizon of web designing. Sometimes, trends are figured out by necessity-responsive design for instance. Then, there are trends that industry shifts, such as the change from skeuomorphism to flat design.

Before going after a trend, the need for your business and users need to be considered rather than on what other cool sites are adopting. To show you a clearer picture on this, we have brought to you a list of trends that are going to impact the designing arena this year: web design trends

The Prevalence of UI Patterns Responsive design comes with a lot of side effects and one of them is that a number of sites look alike. However, you can’t blame solely responsive designs as the boom of WordPress sites and the thriving theme market is also playing a huge role in it. Opting for the same look is not necessarily a bad idea because we have changed the way we consume the web, which has resulted in several common UI design patterns. Design patterns have got maturity and as such, there’s very little scope in the way of innovation as far as UI pattern is concerned.

Animation Rich Concept To boost the storytelling ability of a website, the use of animations is going to play a crucial role in making the experience more lively and fun-filled. Nevertheless, better you do not use animations from anywhere. Be aware of whether it adds to the core function of your site and its storytelling. Then, there are a couple of groups of animations including large scale animations, small scale animations. In addition, there are seven most popular animation techniques like loading animations, navigation, and menus (non-scrolling); however animation, galleries, and slideshow, motion animation, scrolling, background animations/videos, etc.

Micro-Interactions When you put off the ringing alarm in the morning or like the photo of a friend’s activity as soon as you get the notification, you get engaged with a user to an interface without having any idea. These designs are intruding on our lives without even giving us a clue. They are perfectly placed into the apps and devices we use. With the help of Micro-interactions you can perform several things:

  • Have a status or bit of feedback
  • Check the result of an action
  • Help the user change something

Material Design-A Better Option than Flat Design The new style language called Material Design was used by Google last year. The concept of movement and depth and shadow effects are used by this to build designs more realistic to the user. The aim of Material Design is to develop a clean, modernistic design that centers on UX. On the other hand, Google’s design aesthetic has detractors; it has been mostly praised as a game-changer.

Responsive Design Credited to the rise of mobile internet usage, responsive web designs have got enough fame in the past a few years and it will have its presence here till long as it represents a comparatively easy and inexpensive way for business to create a fully-functional mobile-friendly site. However, you might face some issues with responsive design if not carried out properly. Performance is one of them. Designers should follow the below-mentioned tips to ensure that a responsive design performs:

  • Do not use JavaScript and CSS image loading making the use of display: none tag. The image is still be downloaded to the device and unnecessary weight is added to a page.
  • Responsive images that define using a percentage can be used
  • Use RESS

Undoubtedly, responsive design is extremely useful and versatile, but in order to deliver an amazing UX, it has to be lightning fast.


Never follows trends just because they are hip to do at the moment. Popular techniques are represented by the trends to make things better; however, you have to make sure that it is the best for your users. For instance, an e-commerce site will surely not do well as a single-page infinite scrolling site. Trends play the same role as additional tools are playing in your designer toolbox. You must pick the right one for the task.

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