iPhone 7 Feature Highlights: Will It Mean a Million Dollar Cheque for Developers Again?

For any Apple iPhone fan, it is a eureka moment and a much-anticipated wait.

The launch event of the new and updated iPhone 7 and 7Plus, much to the delight of its fans, has revealed sassier looks and peerless features. Its impressive features include new processors, dual-lens camera, new colors, and lots more. It is, indeed, power-packed and impressive, more than ever before.

Here is what you need to know about the new Apple iPhone 7 that proves its worth

A New and Powerful Processor:

High performance has always been the forte of Apple and its high-end devices. The company persistently upgrades its technology to improve customer satisfaction, and no less iPhone 7 is updated with the new quad-core Apple A-10 fusion processor. That means it will run three times faster than its predecessors. Moreover, this processor with a 64-bit 4-core CPU will ensure a longer battery life for the users.

An interesting twist here. While Apple has removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack from the new devices, it has added wireless headphones to the package. The AirPods use Apple?s W1 chip and will seamlessly connect to the device. Removal of headphone jack has led to lesser weight and enhanced battery life for iPhone 7 and 7Plus.

Added Space for Storage:

So, Apple is doing away with the generation of 16GB base storage. The new iPhone variants shall be upgraded with 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB as base storage without any expandable memory. Who doesn?t need it anyway?

Revamped Home Button:

Perhaps, this is done to make the phone waterproof. Along with its much-talked-about feature of being water-resistant, iPhone 7 is also garnering adulation for this solid-state Home button. This touch-sensitive button is more responsive and provides customizable demonstrative feedback using its Taptic engine.

A Bigger and Better Camera:

In fact, it has two cameras with different focal lengths. So, you will be the next photography pro with a DSLR type camera in the grip of your palm. It allows you to shoot the pictures either with a wide-angle or with a telephoto lens (feature available in iPhone 7Plus). You can also do some software tricks using its software zoom and depth. Furthermore, it has a 12-Megapixel sensor and optical image stabilizer for better exposure and auto-focusing.

It is Waterproof, Indeed:

This is the most-awaited feature for the Apple phones because the rivals are already leveraging it. The new devices will duly encourage clumsiness because your phone will now survive the occasional dips in the water.

The enhanced retina HD display and the best-ever color options, iPhone 7 and 7Plus are the true delights for the techies. And yes, it is certainly going to inflate the paycheck of the developers working on these technologies because the phone is already getting rave reviews from the people and is fully expected to make it big!

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