With the Beta version of iOS7 hitting market, Apple succeeds in stirring the sensation in the smart application domain with the perfectly-timed, promising step towards mobile technology excellence.

All set for an Early-October GM release, iOS7 looks quite deep and rich for the ‘smart’ fraternity – with gripping new features and certain visible changes to the UI. From the development point of view, iOS7 is certainly a next level ‘obsession’ coming our way.

At Octal Info Solution, we greet new technology coming in with utmost sincerity and zeal and iOS certainly finds a special mention in it. Our research panel and team of iOS developers have been closely watching the latest updates from Apple, helping us make an early strike to the iOS7 episode. Leading from the front, our technical head has started exploring the new features, system upgrades, probability matrix –connecting seamlessly with the top sources.

Gaining a fast momentum in our iOS7 endeavor, our information channel has assertively deduced that the shiny new platform is going to feature most authentic and polished designs ever. It will offer the developers with intriguing functional base with flexible task-handlers, new Map Kit, inter-app audio, background updates and multitasking ability, AirDrop among other important developments – given what we have experienced with all the explorations and system analysis we have done yet.

Our iPhone app developers are grasping the updates from the iOS7 since last week. They are on their quickest on absorbing the latest they come across in iOS7 app development. Our technical expertise with the iPhone and iPad app development has further helped us in getting all the analysis done and churning out possible characteristic offering and technological benefits from the Apple scion.

More to it, our professional iOS app developers are on their way of testing the latest technology on the floors – preparing in advance for the positive outcomes from our iOS 7 application development endeavor.

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