iOS App Development Trends that will Perpetuate Growth in 2017

This is the modern era of speedy technological developments wherein better is always the best. For this, it becomes essential to gauge the path traversed technologically and accordingly map strategies to bridge the gap, if any. The major upsurge in the number of smartphone users in the recent past has only led to developing newer and innovative mobile apps that stay in the market for a while. Minimal customer dissatisfaction is the key to mapping your app?s success. To help iPhone app developers stay glued to business, it is important to know the iPhone app development trends that will sweep the market in 2017.

iOS apps for Enterprises

iOS app development is a measuring task by app developers that are bound to reap the best results. They study the upcoming market dynamics and invest extensive time to align their strategies accordingly. To help iPhone app developers prosper, it is critical that they design apps specifically for enterprises. Every business in today?s world looks to reach out to the customer through an app and that is why enterprise apps will make big headway in 2017.

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The emergence of Beacon technology and related apps:

The emergence of Beacon technology is a surprise for iPhone app developers. It has compelled app development companies to design Beacon apps in a more aggressive manner than before. Beacon apps are extremely helpful for organizations and retailers as their services and products are effectively promoted by sending a push notification of consumer-friendly ads straight to the handsets. For this to function optimally, the user should have enabled Beacon permission on the device, on the pretext of receiving information about the latest deals and offers.

GPS and localization-related apps:

Beacon apps work best when the GPS feature is enabled. However, usually, Beacon apps perform their functions without the GPS localization feature. This calls for the need to develop GPS and localization-related apps, in order to reach out to a broader audience.

Virtual and Augmented Reality apps :

Apps nowadays are making leeway to newer areas, one of which is virtual and augmented reality. There is a huge scope for iOS app developers to design apps in this space as the market is very much in the nascent stage. Competition is yet to set in. Thus, it is the right time for mobile app development companies to explore the potential in this relatively new domain and create an edge.

Apps for IoT space: 

IoT is the mega trend that is creating market disruption. User interest in IoT is gradually on the rise every day. Apple has taken its stance to develop apps towards that trend, made possible through its proprietary iBeacon and HomeKit technology. Through specific predictions are difficult to make, yet the market will slowly accelerate, triggering iOS app developers towards that direction.

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Swift 3.0 apps:

Swift is now considered to be the supreme programming language in terms of its easy comprehensibility. iOS app developers have been aggressively transitioning from Objective-C language towards Swift 3.0. This new development will provide a promising direction to app developers in 2017 owing to its increasing recognition among the developer community.

Having listed down the trending apps that will create a ripple in 2017, iOS app developers must stay abreast of technological advancements that emerge suddenly. It is a revolving world of digitization where customers can only bring you success. Ramp up your efforts, explore these trends and get ready to lead the market.

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