iOS 13 is Launching : Get to know all about the exciting features!

Apple is constantly releasing the beta updates for iOS 13 and iPadOS and it is expected to be launched in September this year. It was in June that the beta software was launched at WWDC and there it gave a clear picture of how new OS updates are going to work. With iOS 13 release, we can expect that Apple will make the iPhone faster and way more secure.

The newly-introduced features consist of gesture-based QuickPath keyboard, which is a tool used for blocking unknown callers, new photo editing tools & a dedicated dark mode. New Map tools are also present that finally has begun to close the gap with Android, security features, like Sign in With Apple and ability to customize Memoji avatars. This way the new tools are going to make your iPhone and iPads a lot more productive.

With the launch of iOS 13, Apple will be taking on Google’s Android Q again getting into this never-ending war for most robust, easy-to-use, and private OS. Despite it sounds dramatic, but the fact is that Android works on around 90% of the world’s phones and hence Apple has its work cut out for it to maintain its reputation and status. Now as Apple is set to release the iPhone 12 in its annual event today, with that we are also expecting the official release of iOS 13 and iPad OS. Even though a version of iOS 13 has already been released through the Public Beta program, but in this annual event, the official release is expected.

Below we have discussed the much-talked-about features of iOS 13

Dark Mode

This is the much-anticipated and talked about the feature and since iOS 7, this is the most apparent visual change to be made in iOS. It is a true, system-wide dark mode, which is completely black, and it supports all of Apple’s first-party apps. Also, the dock and notifications get all of these new dark colors. Even the implementation is commendable as it is unlike some weak attempt at being darker, where they use navy blue or grey. Instead, they have kept it only black, and a slight grey at certain places to differentiate the fields within Setting apps, calendar, and some other preinstalled Apple applications. Even the third-party apps will be able to support this refreshing look, hence the developers of your much-liked apps will succeed in making use of new theme making changes within their user interfaces.


Apple has also made a new photo & video interface and this way users can easily edit the highlights, brilliance, saturation, shadows, sharpness, white balance, noise reduction, and vignette. This is the first time that videos will get these tools, along with the ability to rotate them on the device. Even the Photos app will get a new interface and it will use machine learning to remove the clutter and duplicates, like screenshots. This will make it all very simpler and much more organized as well as all the videos can be found in one place, or all the selfies in another album. Also, the first page allows you to sort the photos, images, and videos by period. This way there can daily look at images, or one can switch to weekly, monthly or yearly.


Now the Messages app will get profile pictures and the display names, this way users can easily share their photo & name with the other users. The users will even be able to use their Memoji as a profile picture. Talking of Memoji, Apple will also add more options to personalize them and then the users would be able to use them as stickers, the same way as Bitmoji works. This is going to work in apps like Mail and also third-party applications. Another great feature is that Siri will be able to read the messages to the users through AirPods or the other H1 Chip-equipped earphones, such as Powerbeats Pro. Once they are activated, users will get an audible notification in the AirPods. This needs to be seen whether in future this feature will also roll out to third-party apps, so Siri could read messages even from Telegram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Apple Maps

The firm has entirely revamped Apple Maps and now it appears more 3D-like and it is loaded with the detailed map data that will make service quite comparable to the Google Street View. As per Apple, it has used thousands of LIDAR-equipped cars to collect this data. Now the new maps are going to be available in the select locations at launch, however, it should come out in the US in 2019, and all around the world in 2020. There are other useful additions in Maps too, such as the ability to share your ETA while using the directions for navigating to a location. Simply tap the ?Share ETA? label at bottom of navigation view and it will constantly share your live ETA until the user gets there. Now it is also available in the Google Maps.

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Apple has revamped Reminders app with this entirely new look, which is pretty consistent with all other newly crafted apps and it features simple rounded rectangle fields and flat, colorful icons. Apple has even added new Today, Flagged, Scheduled, and All filtering options, and it is integrating AI smarts into this app. Thus, the users can now type and Reminders will be auto-suggesting when you would like to be reminded. Even the contacts can be tagged and be reminded once the Message thread is opened.

Swiping Keyboard

With iOS 13, Apple has updated its default keyboard with this new swiping functionality reminiscent of SwiftKey, GBoard, Swype, & others. Apple calls this ?Quick Path? keyboard. It works pretty simply: like simply swipe between letters you are keen to use to type a word, with the use of a single finger or thumb. This means there will be way faster typing once you get accurate with it.

Find My

With this latest update, Apple has merged its Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into this single application called Find My. In this, all of Apple?s tracking tools are in one place and this both missing devices, as well as loved ones, can be located using the same interface. This new app can even locate offline devices ? which is by sending a secure Bluetooth beacon to other Apple devices, and then it relies on it back to Apple and the user. Here the interface is quite simple to understand with the app being split into two tabs, i.e. People & Devices, and to switch between them is pretty simple as tapping the relevant icon on the bottom of the screen. Then the people tab displays the user?s family and friends, and where they are, while the devices tab display the individual devices that belong to you & your family. Upon digging a little deeper, you can even activate features, such as playing an alert on a lost device to try and find it nearby or mark it as lost & lock it down remotely. Even the device can be erased remotely to ensure that anyone who finds it does not get access to any of the personal information. Also, it is all end-to-end encrypted.


Apple is also retooling a few things in the iOS 13 to provide a much better focus on privacy. Like, you will be able to select to give your location data to an app just once. Apple will also launch a new ?Sign-in with Apple? feature to log into apps & services. This way, you can log into Face ID and then create a new account for a service sans revealing any of the personal information. It will also consist of the ability to create new email addresses for the apps that forward to your real email. Apart from these, there are a few other improvements as well, like Apple has updated many of its apps in iOS 13. Like Apple Mail is getting the desktop formatting, whereas Safari will get per-website preferences and Notes is also getting a new gallery view. Also, Apple is improving the iOS 13 and this way things like Face ID will be unlocking 30 percent faster and apps are going to launch twice faster in the iOS 13. android q app development idea  

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