Apple?s third beta release of iOS 10.3 on March 27, 2017, rings a new bell for iPhone users. It is the most important update of iOS 10 version, which holds the promise to fix bugs of all the early releases. Enhancing the operating system experience for the user has always been the focus of Apple. This time it?s no different. The Basics The iOS 10.3 release comes with a 319 MB update. An additional feature has been incorporated in the settings menu that outlines the details about the iOS compatibility with the installed applications in the iPhone. This allows the iPhone app developer to get instantaneous insight into the compatibility of the application that is being used with the iPhone?s iOS version. AirPods users, on the other hand, are happy with this release. ?Find My AirPods? is the new feature that is available with the iOS 10.3 release. It is a value-addition to the ?Find My iPhone? feature. With this, AirPods users can effortlessly find their misplaced AirPods. As this feature works through Bluetooth only, ?users are only able to locate the AirPods when their iPhone is not being placed at a distant location.
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Highlighted Features to look for Transition to a new file system The iOS 10.3 update will help Apple users migrate their mobile devices from the HFS+ file system (being used since 1998) to a new file format known as Apple File System (APFS). This will enable better-knit encryption, ensuring that the security level of the device is enhanced. Additionally, storage optimization is another critical aspect that comes along with this development. Migrating to APFS will also improve read and write speeds, thus, the iPhone location allows the user to access data via apps in a much faster manner. Clearer Cloud view The new update will allow users to draw a clear idea about their cloud storage from the settings menu. It will also provide detailed information about the types of files being stored and list down the devices that are taking up most of the storage space. This is a boon for enterprises to help them clearly decide which files to get rid of for freeing up the majority of the space. Changes in iPad keyboards This new release introduces users to a gestural keyboard that helps to swipe motions on keys, apt to include a space or even a backspace in a single line. A floating digital keyboard is also a noted addition in this release. However, these two features have not been officially announced by Apple.
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3D Touch The iOS 10.3 release with its ?3D Touch? feature offers an intuitive user interface. It helps the users to view the weather information on the map in a seamless manner. The mega prize for Verizon users Till now iCloud calls have been supported on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. With the iOS 10.3 update, iCloud calls are made available to Verizon users as well. Henceforth, on a device being connected to iCloud, Verizon users will be able to receive calls on their iPads, iPods, Macs, or Apple Watches, and iPhone location. Consistent support from Siri Siri helps you do everything post this update. Checking the status of bills through payment apps to scheduling cars with ride-booking iPhone apps everything is possible through a voice command. Any iOS 10 users can upgrade their phones to the iOS 10.3 release. It is also available on iTunes. Steal the benefits today and experience a stellar performance.
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