It is just been few months that iOS 10 has been out and people are keen to upgrade to iOS 10.2. It boasts of several new additions. Even though it does not offer solution to all the problems of the users, still people are quite keen on the update as it presents to them a wide array of new things.

  • The TV app

Apple’s fresh new TV app is one of the most sought after addition in iOS 10.2. This TV app is as a matter of fact next-generation TV guide for streaming generation. It draws listings from your favorite TV and movie show streaming services and then recommends to you what content you should watch as per show popularity as well as viewing history. So, you will get suggestions for new movies as well as TV shows in Watch Now. As you choose a particular movie or a TV show the app will open automatically so that you can begin the streaming on demand.

  • New emojis

Apart from TV App, iOS 10.2 offers to the public a huge range of new emojis. These emojis are fresh as well as interesting. As a matter fact more than 100 emojis have been added to the list. These emojis are beautifully designed and you will simply love using them. The new emoji list encompasses new faces, animals, sports, food and professions.

  • The new screen effects

If you talk about the third-party stickers, that’s old news. People are now excited about the screen effects. Apple has lately introduced two new ones screen effects in iOS 10.2. One is called “love,” this inflates a huge heart which you can attach to the message which you send. Then there is other known as “celebration”. This fills the whole screen with sparklers.

If you desire to use any of these new screen effects, simply type the message and then press firmly on send button. Effects screen will come before you, tap on “Screen” tab, scroll till you find effect of your choice and then add it to your message. The new update also resolves issue which at times hindered keyboard to be displayed in the messages.

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  • New wallpapers

A wide range of interesting wallpapers are available in iOS 10.2. Use these wallpapers and have a lot of fun with them.

  • Photos

The new upgrade makes better stabilization as well as dispenses quicker frame rate for Live Photos. Also enhances precision level of groupings of similar photos of the same person in People album. Provides support for the RAW digital cameras.

Also offers  solution to issue of camera staying zoomed in after it has been switched back from camera roll on iPhone 7 Plus.

These are few of the reasons why upgrading to iOS 10.2 is recommended. When you are given an opportunity for improvement makes complete use of it.