How to use Mobile Applications to deal with Coronavirus?

The coronavirus or covid-19 is spreading and no country is spared. In this new context, of a major health crisis, working conditions are becoming difficult. But to limit the worsening of the situation, a solution is already required for companies that can in any case. We naturally want to mention here teleworking, an organization allowing remote work from a terminal or an application connected to the internet.

Let’s see how to encourage the implementation of teleworking or work from home using mobile applications and software.

Telework as a response to the Health crisis

Telework is a technological solution that allows you to set up a work environment from your home. In other words, it makes it possible to overcome the physical distances between the company and the employee.

Currently, in the midst of the spread of the covid-19 virus, employees have the right to ask their company manager to telecommute at home for the next few weeks. An agreement in writing or orally, provided for in the labor code, allows the establishment of a temporary telework organization.

For example, in the Alsace region, the pharmaceutical company Merck asked more than 30% of its employees (around 700 people) to work remotely while remaining confined to their homes. Employees who oppose this directive may be penalized by disciplinary action. In other companies, the solution is more flexible and may be a personal or collective choice. But in both cases, the objective remains to contain the coronavirus as much as possible thanks to teleworking.

Useful Applications for Teleworking

Unless you request a development of a mobile application specific to your activity, you can already use some applications for teleworking. Find out, the tools you can use right now.

1. Video Conferencing App:

Face-to-face communication is a must, whether we are working in the office or at home. Since it’s not possible to meet your colleagues in person, a videoconferencing app can be handy.

The use of Skype is practically an obligation when one wants to work in telework mode. This free application facilitates the coordination of work teams and makes it easy to organize videoconferences. You launch the web or mobile app and via your Smartphone or PC webcam, you can follow a meeting in conditions very close to reality.

2. Telework via the Cloud

One Drive is a very functional mobile application. You can install it on any environment: Pc, Android, and Mac. It is undoubtedly part of the survival kit of any good teleworker.

One Drive lets you share any document you want in the cloud. For example, you can share a working note with your partners and log into Skype to receive a quick notice or to comment.

3. WhatsAPP on Mobile

WhatsAPP is a real Swiss army knife for remote work. This messaging application on Smartphone and PC is also widely used for teleworking, and its download has greatly increased since the appearance of the coronavirus. It allows you to make video and audio calls or to share documents with your working group.

4. Slack is a must

Slack is a tool and application that offers employees the possibility of being in touch easily, of creating work objectives or of editing invoices and documents. The Slack mobile and PC application is a very complete solution perfectly suited to telework: instant messaging, private discussion, common workspace, videoconferences, audio calls… all the essential telecommuting communication tools are available.

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5. Social Media Applications

Social networks, Facebook, Twitter and their respective mobile applications are technological solutions of choice for teleworking. These tools allow you to get in touch quickly with other companies, employees, customers or suppliers. Without them, telework would still be in the Stone Age.

How to work well from a distance? Some tips to know!

Be careful, just because you stay at home doesn’t mean that work becomes easy… no, very far from it!
Telework requires a very specific organization. You must place yourself in a calm and serene environment, sheltered from outside disturbances (family, children). Anything that could take you away from professional needs should be eliminated. You must have an office just for yourself and make yourself unavailable to everything that does not concern your professional activity.

On the material level, some tools are highly recommended: Smartphone with telecommuting application, webcam on mobile or PC, headset and microphone for videoconferencing. Even if it is optional, a broadband and fiber optic internet connection is a real plus.

Telework without breaking away from your lifestyle

Inviting your professional world into your intimate environment is not always without difficulty. To reduce the negative effects of remote working on your mind, you will want to keep your lifestyle habits in mind. For example, even if you are confined to your home because the coronavirus is forced to practice teleworking, nothing prevents you from keeping the movement. You keep the same hours to get up, dress and even log out.

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About activities compatible with telework

In the midst of the coronavirus boom, many want to know whether their professional activity is compatible with teleworking or not. Of course, as you imagine, certain professions cannot manage this organization of work. This is particularly the case for a whole range of manual, craft, industrial and construction activities.

Among the sectors most compatible with remote working, we can for example find the IT sector, secretarial, marketing, administration or even the banking and insurance sector. Without forgetting also, education via for example distance education.

Telework: Developing a Mobile Application for your Business

Beyond existing solutions, a mobile application development company can take charge of creating your telework application. You have the possibility to select à la carte the options you need: schedule management, sending or sharing of documents, videoconferences and all the solutions you need to keep your business productivity at its maximum.


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