There was an incredible rise in the mobile traffic in the year 2014. More and more people got used to working with the gadgets and made great ventures work applying amazing ideas. You must have seen many businesses in travel and hospitality making a comeback. The trends that prevailed last year must be very much there this year too. However, it’s not easy to win mobile traffic as most of them are already there and are really working hard to grab their piece of cake in advance.
Mobile Traffic

If you don’t want to be lagged behind and want to bring them your way, it’s time for you to come out in the middle and start planning for your mobile traffic in 2015 right away.
Here are the 8 steps that would help you do that:
1. Start planning now
Just don’t allow any delay in surfacing your plans. Arrange for the insights, priorities, research and facts. You will be in control of everything by preparing yourself a plan this early, as this will help you move strongly towards your goals to increase your mobile traffic in 2015.
2. Gather research data
Gather data about your competitors and top performers in your industry. Get stats and reports about your users’ habits. Combine all the information into one deployment matrix and study the business approaches and their corresponding results based on it. Aim at the details that would help you get there and build authentic research base for your app.
3. Make a wish list
Make a list of things you would like to do. Forget about the limitations for now. This may include various ideas and concepts like going for new mobile service, integrating third party apps, mobile use cases based on the user touch point analysis, presenting your ideas to partners, include innovative ideas and align your mobile app endeavor with other plans like marketing, branding and promotions.
4. Prioritize your ideas
Do the feasibility test of your ideas and measure them for opportunity size, complexity, cost requirements and real-life applicability. Rate each one of them on a quantifiable scale and assign them tight points based on as many parameters (defining your points) as possible. This will help you prioritize your ideas well and in the end, you will have the right selection of ideas to work on.
5. Test your high scoring ideas
High scoring ideas carry high stakes. Put them to test and measure their potential and validity referring to real life situations to get the best of results. Prepare a test environment that helps you get the most accurate results. Test your ideas combining different resources and methods to gain best quality result from the entire effort you have poured in.
6. Marketing roadmap
Prepare a marketing roadmap for 2015 with descriptive details and mock-ups illustrating the prioritization model built across the series of exercises. Tie-up with a secondary plan taking back-up for everything taken in form of feedbacks, deduced inferences, logical analysis and anticipated unforeseen events.
7. Set KPIs/objectives
Setting your Key Performance Index is a must. Here you need to make use of your information collected from various objective-driven performance areas. Include user engagement and transaction/sales inputs wisely. These details play a vital role in processing your plan and are highly important when you are arranging for the elements that are being used in setting KPIs.
8. Execute the plan
Now that you have all the important resources ready for magnifying your mobile traffic in 2015, you should look forward to execute the plan. Revise once more, if you find it necessary. Start the process of execution using a carefully formatted and detailed checklist and let your plans take viable shape helping you fetch the right results.

These points put out years of experience of driving in sale for mobile apps to help you reach the destination along the right route and with needed confidence. Knowing how to drive traffic to your website can sometime be really hectic without proper planning and right execution. Remember, the competition out there is tough. Give yourself the power to choose what you do and do it excellently by following this process and magnify your mobile traffic in 2015.