How to Get Your App Visible as featured By App Store – Tips & Tricks

For all the mobile app developers, the hard work pays off when the app gets featured on significant pages of the app store. In any mobile app development company, it is eventful to witness your app in the App store listings from the vast Apple marketplace.

To meet this is certainly not impossible and some sheer spirit of hard work and essential steps to follow can mark the result quite easily. Being featured in the Apple App store is crucial and definitely, comes as a deciding factor for the app’s native growth. Your app may get featured on various places at the app store but the remarkable place is on the front page of the iTunes, here you get all the glory. Getting featured on the homepage of some specific category is likewise beneficial and you are sure to get seemingly high exposure.

Therefore, we tell you some tips and tricks to get your app visible as featured by the App store:

  1. App Designing is Primitive: Even Steve Jobs said it two decades back  You ‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around. This holds true to its roots today in the ever-rising market of mobile apps. Mobile app development has taken a center stage with user experience and design. If you are looking forward to getting your app featured on the priority list of the App Store, then you have to work and focus on your app around the same guidelines.
  2. Native Apps have a Weight: Ever since the debate between hybrid (HTML based) and native apps came to action, the mobile app developers were in illusion. However, lately, things rested in favor of native apps. Hybrid apps have a drawback of getting featured on the App store. These apps suffer from a compromise with user experience and therefore lacks in making a mark. A native mobile app has a good customer experience and has the best bet to get featured on the App store.
  3. App Icon makes a Difference: If you are thinking of making any compromises with the app icon, you should think back. An app icon is the face of the mobile app. It is found that Apple features attractive app icons on its prime list. It is a deciding factor that Apple plays with to let your app get featured. You can say that your app icon exhibits some serious clues about some intrinsic features of the app.
  4. Networking holds Strength: It is the App store team where you need to target. They are the ones who are pitched by the developers in events, through emails and of course social media. Building a network with App store team certainly strengthens your roots to act efficiently in the App store market. The fastest route to get featured on the App store is make friends with them and see the glorious impact on your app growth.
  5. Make an iOS Exclusive App: If you have seen the trends of the app market, Android is outselling the iOS by about five to one. Going with the trend, there is a range of native apps that comes out exclusively for iOS or they are available long before on iOS than Android. This way you are giving some serious benefits to your app. High profits, low compatibility issues, cheaper cost of production, and a huge community are some key advantages you get access to. Exclusively for iOS apps have an edge and get featured on App Store.
  6. High Customer Ratings: Setting a high threshold of customer ratings for an app to get featured on the app store is crucial. Keeping the customer rating above 4.5 bore some serious advantages. Users are highly gullible when it comes to app ratings. The better ratings they see, the more they will download the same and therefore, more business your app is going to do. On the contrary, a low rating app contributes to a discouraging effect.
  7. It’s all about the Story: The basic element that should be acknowledged in mobile app marketing is the STORY. We human beings love stories and so do the folks at Apple. If you are more relatable with the customer, you are on the path of success. Set a story as a passionate starter so that it is well examined by Apple. Make your pitch look like a book that has all the essential elements intact right from the idea of this app to how users can benefit from it. Remember an impactful pitch mark brilliance in the app growth. You should know that being visible in app store listing is not a science and it will never be. It is a strategical approach and sheers hard work that decides its destiny.  

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