India comes second in the world when it comes to population and because of this population factor, the gaming scene in India appears to be strong. Such has been the rise in the last few years that China doesn’t seem out of reach. And it is easy to associate a large amount of mobile gaming with a large number of revenues. But the real scenario is not as promising as it seems.

If we look at the revenue generated by the Indian gaming industry then this value would add up to a total of USD 890 million and a large chunk of this amount, in fact, 60% comes from the money gambled in real money gaming like Rummy, Poker. And if we dive into the Indian digital ads market then also we won’t come out with a smile on our face because digital ads market in India is the only 1/10th of that of China and reason behind this gulf between the two countries is the response of Indian public towards the in-app purchases which can be described as demoralizing.

But the arrival of fantasy sports mobile games can be termed as a boon to the gaming industry of India. The revenues generated by this industry alone are astonishing as over 20 million sports lovers are willing to bet and spend cash on the sport of their liking.

People find the games of skill fascinating and are willing to spend money on it

Real money games like rummy, poker are popular in India but not as much as fantasy sports as the public of India like to indulge more in the games which are classified as ‘game of skill’ according to the Indian law. Clearly, people don’t want to get involved in the games which have a high-risk factor. There is a large number of skill games that one can download on his phone and give it a try. Games like Candy Crush saga, 8 ball pool, PUBG, Carom are the few that come to the mind. Since these games provide the people a chance to earn money, they become quite popular. If a game provides a chance to experience thrill, excitement, a base to test your skills and on top of that a chance to earn cash then it doesn’t take time to spread like a wildfire in the public. People of every age group, be it, children, teenagers, office employees, late 40s, all are loving the time they spend on the fantasy games or ‘games of skills’.

Fantasy Sports App Development

Picture of fantasy sports app market in India

Sports scenario was different two decades ago, as many people didn’t connect with them barring some percentage of the population and the reason behind this can be described as the limited amount of matches that tend to happen across the globe. However, the present scenario has completely changed given the invention of a franchise-based sports league. This franchise-based sports league norm started with the inauguration of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 which was a cricket league. After analyzing the success of this mega event, other sports followed suit and launched their own leagues like Indian Super League (football), Indian Badminton League and Pro Kabbadi League.


Understanding the development of these leagues was necessary as they acted as a fuel in luring a large number of sports fan-base towards the fantasy sports arena. Fantasy sports apps for these leagues and associated sports were created to reach the audience. Among these apps, the biggest fantasy sports app in India is Dream11 which appears to have a total of 6 crore user base who not only play fantasy cricket but also other sports like Kabbadi, football, basketball, and hockey.

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The success of Dream11 motivated other companies to launch their own sports fantasy apps and join the latest money-making business. Some of the apps that come to mind are MyDream11, who hired Virender Sehwag as their brand ambassador and offer sports like cricket, football, basketball, hockey, and kabbadi. Another app that surfaced the fantasy market was Mobile Premier League which roped in Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador because of his popularity. Some other apps that circles around these businesses are Halaplay, Gaming Monk, Ballebazi, My11circle, etc.

The money behind these fantasy app Startups has been flowing from various sectors. The success of fantasy sports has made some big names in the business sector to invest their money in this project. Some of the big-name funders include Alibaba, PayTm, YouZu, Tencent, Nazara, Sequoia, and some others. Mobile revenues have not grown at the expected rate in India and because of that, it was predicted by some people that fantasy sports project won’t thrive in this market but fantasy sports has surprised everyone by reaching millions of Indian users. The exact reason behind this successful journey can be given to the pedestal, fantasy sports provide to their users to test their skills and knowledge in the field of their favourite sports.

If we look into the reports published by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) and KMPG, then we will find out that sports fantasy’s giant app has around 90% of the domestic share in the Indian market. This shows the aura that has been created by this app in the sports fantasy market. This app has inspired any apps to create a sports fantasy app of their own and it is predicted that it will carry on to inspire many other future sports fantasy app to hit the market.

Current legal status of fantasy sports app in India


If we look into The Public Gambling Act of 1867, section 12 then we will find out that according to the judiciary of India, “Nothing in the provisions of this Act contained shall be held to apply to any game of mere skill wherever played.” This statement is proof that fantasy sports fall under the category of “game of skill” and are opposite of betting and gambling which are yet to achieve legal status in the South Asian country. A statement launched by Supreme Court of India in this matter read, “Competitions in which success is depended on the considerable degree of skill will not come under this category of gambling and even though there is an element of chance, when a game is largely this game of skill, it will yet be a game of mere skill.” This notice served by the apex court of India served a huge boost to the companies and entrepreneurs who were looking to jump into the sports fantasy app market with a dream of becoming as successful as Dream11 app.

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This is the best time to create a sports fantasy app in India:


If we dive into the statistics then we will find that at present there are around 60 fantasy sports app operators in India and this number is only going to grow in the coming time because of the relentless demand of over 50 million users in India alone. Anyone who will have a look at these numbers can easily carve out that this is the best time to launch a sports fantasy app in India. Any entrepreneur looking to emulate the success of Dream11 will be favored by the law as fantasy sports is declared legal. New sports fantasy app developers will be buoyed by this legal notice and can create an app that offers free & paid games to their users who are new in this circuit and looking to adopt this trend of paying for mobile fun and entertainment.

Another reason to create a sports fantasy for mobile users at this point in time is the amount of sports activities that is taking place at present and will happen in the coming time. Football lovers in India follow all European football leagues be it Barclays Premier League of England, La Liga of Spain, Serie A of Italy, Bundesliga of Germany or Ligue1 of France and these matches instigate them to create a fantasy team of their own and join the sports fantasy fun. European qualifiers for the Euro 2020 are also taking place during the international break players get from their respective leagues.

And if you look into the upcoming football event then Euro 2020 will give you another reason to create a sports fantasy app as soon as possible. Test championship in Cricket is at full swing at the moment. Cricket enthusiasts in India also follow the domestic circuit and would love to participate in the Vijay Hazare Trophy through their virtual cricket team. Upcoming cricket events are Big Bash League of Australia which will start from next month and conclude in January of 2020. Another major tournament that will be hosted by Australia is the Cricket T20 World Cup which will start in the latter part of 2020. So these leagues and tournaments will create an adrenaline rush in the sports lovers who will itch to become a part of these mega-events and this, inturn, will provide various entrepreneurs a breakthrough in the world of fantasy sports.

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Last but one of the major reasons that this the golden period to create and launch a sports fantasy app is because of the evolution of the internet in the peninsular land of India. The internet has entered the lifestyle of each and every household in the country and if we take a look at the numbers then approximately there are around 600 million internet users in India. Easy access of the internet increases the chances of a person getting involved in mobile gaming and we act as fuel in the growth of newly created sports fantasy app.

Conclusion: This piece of information will help you to a great extent if you are looking to create a mobile sports fantasy app. Every necessary aspect that is involved in the creation of a sports fantasy app is mentioned in the column and will help you sort out your confusion related to the basics of mobile fantasy app creation.

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