How Google Reference App Can Assist You in Developing Multi-Screen Applications

The trends in technical craft are getting ever more standardized and schemed with options that support the rolling digital utility we know as mobile devices and advanced interfaces to communication.

Of course, there are not many of them who are able to reach the right spot but those who manage to do this are certainly the big fishes of the industry skimming the best out of it. Talking of that, Google finds a place in the front row.

There was a time when it only served people with ideas and intangible plans. For some time now, Google is spreading its wings across communication systems catering to different screen sizes and display units. With Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV coming into the center, Google is making developers get along with the technology well and build high-end applications to support the overall underlying concept they are working on.

In order to make it a success, Google has come up with amazing supplies to help them eventfully conceptualize and build immersive applications. Of them, the Google Reference app is certainly the most talked about and aims at laying an inclusive orientation point for app development. The reference application “Universal Music Player” is all set to do that with utmost ease, collaborating with a lot of diverse features. It is all equipped to serve developers suggesting ways to build their solutions for Auto, Wear and Google Cast devices with the latest Android, 5.0 Lollipop.

A bare-bones app, at first look, Universal Music Player is functionally impaneled to suit different development scenarios. It provides developers with all they need in terms of reference material to be used to build engrossed applications for multiple devices and form factors.

The Google reference app helps you not just adapt to a new solution quite easily but to get it built across different facilities with the advanced emulation support it offers. This means you get all the helpful resources and solution facets integrally managed and supplied to let you build your version of application most easily working along with a bouquet of responsive guidelines and tips.

Here, as an app developer, you get to use a series of references coming from an elaborative and finely detailed app that comes with virtually everything planned and sorted to help you confidently reach your goal. Taking it even further, you are allowed to use the latest features like MediaBrowserService, MediaStyle notifications, and MediaBrowserService, which would help you easily implement browsing and playback on different devices.

Accessing just a single code-base for different device types and associated resources makes it a great point of reference that assists you in building your app with utter ease. The best part is it connects you with the synced gadget platforms to run and control your app functionalities and work dynamically arranging for the gesture feeds and screen elements.

This helps you come out with exactly the resources you need to be a part of your app and all that quite brilliantly matching your idea of building resourceful multi-screen responsive applications  complementing your needs perfectly.


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