This new trend of full-stack web developers is pretty much in trend at the moment, with everyone singing praises for these “all-in-one” programmers. In fact, some top-shot tech firms like Facebook, Google are even betting on & hiring these developers. Meanwhile, there is a certain set of people who are still hesitant to try out these new trendy offerings. Well, that is quite understandable, after all, one must be careful while making business-related decisions. Here we have provided all this information related to full stackers in a structured form. To start with, we can say that the times are long gone when an app developer (consisting of a coder, programmer, a software engineer) was required to operate in just one language. Long back, there were simpler, however, now, everyone who works on the web is using myriad tools and is aware of many of the specific processes.

This is quite a dynamic industry, where new frameworks & additional services are coming up all the time. Now, here in this case of Full-Stack’ developers, you must be knowledgeable about certain aspects and here in this blog, we will discuss them all with you. So, moving forth, let’s first understand who a Full-Stack’ developer is and what they exactly do?

What is a full-stack developer?

“A Full-Stack Developer is actually a coder who is responsible to work with both the front-end & back-end technologies. As a website or a web app is built, there are different layers to the development process. Like, it involves, a business logic, a way to present it, a huge database & the infrastructure. Now, a real full-stack developer must be efficient to deal with all of these tasks.”

Types of Full-Stack developers: As mentioned above, a full-stack developer is one who specializes in developing & maintaining various aspects of the web developer including client-side, server-side & Dev-Ops. But, as a client, you must ensure that the professional you are hiring is highly competent to handle these duties and is well-versed in all of these three activities.

Meanwhile, also take note of the fact that all the full-stack developers don’t sail on the same boat. Like, they usually possess basic knowledge of stack and specializes in a specific domain of the stack. For instance ASP.NET, ROR, LAMP, & MEAN technologies. Besides, do take note of the fact that no professional can be a master of everything and the same way, full-stack developers have the working knowledge of all used techniques and processes. However, an experienced & skilled full-stack developer will be well-efficient at creating the desired result you expect. Here, some of the developers may have a strong command over the front-end development, whereas others might be efficient at back-end development. Hence, executing research is crucial for a business organization as they looking for a certain kind of full-stack developer.

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Roles & Responsibilities of a Full-Stack Developer

In the arena of web development, you find both front-end & back-end developers. They build interfaces and software engines. Now a full-stack developer can do all of this for you. Stating from databases to front-end, which is basically client-side to server-side scripts. These developers are efficient as well as can design to a certain extent, while can oversee all of the project details. Their major responsibilities comprise of:

  • Coding of programs & Applications
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Coordinating with other developers & team-members
  • Outlining the testing techniques for web applications
  • Managing web development

In simple words, a full-stack developer will be knowledgeable of Apache, Node, MongoDB, Ruby, MySQL, Angular, CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc. These technologies are useful in the functioning and looks of a website. Also, proficiency in work with animation, graphics & design further adds to the CV of the Full-Stack developer candidate. Also, the skills for full-stack development have further evolved & extended. Earlier it was LAMP stack that consisted of PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, whereas now it is more MEAN & beyond. These days, a typical full-stack developer will work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript &various of JS frameworks for the front-end, whereas for the back-end, it will be more of Express & Node, and for databases MySQL & MongoDB.

Before we move forward with the right way to hire a full-stack developer, let’s see what makes a full-stack developer the best choice for your business.

Benefits of Hiring Full Stack Developer for Your Business

When it comes to hiring a full-stack developer the process becomes quite complicated as the field is very extensive to determine at once the expertise of the subject. We will talk about the hiring process later in the article for now let’s talk about the benefits of hiring a full-stack developer for your business.

1. Add Ground Breaking Features

A full-stack developer can add some really amazing and innovative features to your solution. They can manage the stack from the ground up in a snap of fingers. When you gamble on a project you need to have technical expertise on your side. Most developers can’t even decide what aspects are to be cared about and how to bring on the screen a solution that is unique to the clients’ businesses.

2. Show Versatility in the Working

As already mentioned full stack developers can develop front end and back end alone. They hold the expertise to bring an idea to live on the screen. Basically, the backend developers work on the prototype of the application codes and the front-end developers create the real code that interacts with the system.

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If you hire a full-stack developer you would get one person who holds expertise in both fields.
The professionals working with us make it a point that the solutions that are delivered meet your business goals and help you earn the best results in no time.

3. Have Extensive Experience

Since full stack developers hold expertise in various languages it becomes easier for them to be a part of extensive projects. They know how to play tricks with the language and what magic can be created. They are well-versed with the mobile app development process and understand how to make the best of the language.

Thus with the client’s insight and their experience they can bring on the screen innovative solutions each time.

4. Offer Advanced Solutions

When you reach the right full stack development team they would offer you solutions that are advanced. It would be futuristic and scalable and can easily be used to bring on the screen an experience that is interesting and impressive.

They are updated with the best solutions that make it easier for them to deliver solutions that would stand the test of time.

5. Hire One Instead of Two

Working with full stack developers is a budget-friendly option as they would do the task of two. Also, they would help you with several aspects of the development making it easier for your team to work on an idea that reflects well.

6. Own the Project

Since full stack developers are quite trained in all things they make it a point to own the project and hold the sole responsibility of delivering pitch-perfect solutions that would earn great. If you think you are stuck at the point then, they can surely help the team through.

We have been working on these solutions for years and make sure that the full stack development team delivers solutions that are interesting and innovative. If you are looking forward to finding a team that can help you through then you are at the right place.

How to hire a Full-Stack Developer

As you are on the verge to hire a full-stack developer, you must seek certain qualities & technical skills in the candidate.

It is important that you are well aware of the check points that you need to tick positive before you hire the right developer.

Technical Skills: These professionals must have the skills and knowledge across all of the layers, such as when hiring a full-stack developer for a web application, then do ensure the person is proficient at these following technical skills:

  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML (it’s mandatory)
  • Programming language (back-end)
  • Version control
  • Databases
  • Deployment & Hosting
  • Third-party API integrations/services

Full-Stack Developer Qualities: As it comes to the qualities that you must seek in a full-stack developer, look for the following:

  • A full-stack developer is well-versed with new trends & development
  • A full-stack developer must be able to get you on right track for a solution even when they can’t solve it
  • A full-stack developer must have an understanding of other technologies as well, other than the stacks
  • A full-stack developer must be able to see the bigger picture, the business’ vision & understand the requirements of customers.
  • A full-stack developer must be passionate to learn new stuff

Resume Analysis: It is advised to reduce dependency on a resume. After all, the technical skills of a candidate can’t be assessed through the resume of a developer. Hence, the role of a CV very much ends with the sourcing of full-stack candidates. As you scan through a resume, don’t look for even relevant experience. Besides, look for the other indicators of good programmers, like the contribution to the open-source, exposure to several technologies & previous projects. In case, you have an alternative mechanism to source candidates like sourcing from Github, it will be way better.

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Technical Assessment: This tends to be a crucial step in the hiring process. How you are assessing candidates, will ultimately determine the quality of hire. It is an absolute waste of time to conduct a generic algorithmic test as a mechanism to assess a full-stack developer. Rather, it would be better if you give the candidates a real-life problem as that will enable you to access their technical skills & knowledge across all the stacks.

Assessment during Interview: Once you have a handful of candidates, who you think are technically qualified for this job, look for these two things during the interview:

  • How well can they cope with the uncertainty?
  • How much are they passionate & interested to learn

Besides assessing the technical skills of candidates, give them a problem they’re not familiar with. It’s advised to not seek a successful output and also look for the candidates who are keen to try regardless of the outcome. So, while hiring a full-stack developer, ensure the following:

  • Mandatory technical assessment
  • Seek inherent qualities
  • Select an appropriate mechanism for assessing technical skills

Once, you have gained a good understanding of how to hire an ideal full-stack developer, next it is time to look for places from where you can hire them.

Where can you find Full-Stack developers?

Summary: Ultimately, what makes a brilliant full-stack developer is openness towards the new technologies, exploring them all in order to have a clear view of full web application development procedures. Even the programmer specialization matters a lot. If a full-stack candidate displays & proves an understanding in all of these areas, s/he can certainly be a huge asset for your business. In the aspect of the full-stack business, usually, the projects are assigned to this one person of skill to handle all the aspects. On a concluding note, we suggest that you keep the above tips in mind while hiring a developer as they will be crucial in the hiring process.

Wrapping It All!

When talking about the details of the full stack app development team hiring process, you only have to make sure that the languages your developer claims to be well-versed with is updated. Development is one field where if the expert doesn’t keep themselves updated they would be left behind the solution and would suffer. The client would be left behind with the solutions that would make it really difficult for them to understand the complete process and what happens.

Our experts stay updated with the latest technology and make sure they deliver solutions that keep you a few steps ahead of your competition. We have been helping clients around the world with futuristic and unique solutions that make them one of their kind. We also use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and other advanced technologies to ensure that the solution delivered earns you great ROI.

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