Factors determining the cost for On-Demand House Painting Application


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak much. This statement completely defines that a house design and its interiors speak more of your personality rather than words. Hence in order to reshape or redesign a house, a specific design needs to be created which covers house colors, patterns, textures, etc. Therefore with a perfect design one can make the house looks amazing and attractive.

Today every industry has been affected a lot by technology and digitization. People now want every solution to be available on smartphones. Hence this demand increased the development of On-demand applications in the market. Talking about the home decor applications there is an increasing interest of the On-Demand house painting applications in the market.

An On-demand house painting application permits the users to book proficient painters on-interest for a wide scope of painting services, including home interiors and exterior designs, customized designs and wall paintings, etc.

Talking about the home care market statistics, In the US this market has always been huge. The market was valued at $27,932 million and now it is anticipated that it might hit $31000 by 2020.

Moreover, there are expectations that home renovation sales may hit 464.5 billion by 2020.

Hence this market has a wide scope of business opportunities which is motivating various entrepreneurs to enter this segment.

Pre-requisite of House Painting Applications:

Important Points:

  • The on-request house painting application must be made in a manner to such an extent that it’s fast and simple to test different shading choices with only a click.
  • An application for house painting assists in selecting the paint and once the desired colors are finalized the painting can be started by the professional painters.
  • The application designing should be very effective which in turn enables its quick functionality and easy access for the projects which are small and can be completed quickly. Therefore, making it a convenient choice for small projects.
  • This sort of on-demand house painting application empowers users to attempt new alternatives for home decoration.
  • An option for image analyzing helps the users in identifying the change. By comparing both before and after images the users get a clear idea for the change.

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Monetization Opportunities:


By implementing third-party ads in the application, the proprietor can procure great income by charging a specific sum consequently of a click.


To engage customers with the application E-commerce is integrated with the application. The user can browse various services and home décor products and items. On every transaction or purchase made through the application, the application owner gets a certain amount as commission.

User features:

Registration and social media integration:

In order to use the application, the user needs to complete the registration process. The user can simply fill up the signup form or may integrate social accounts like Facebook or Google.

Smart search filter:

By using this feature the user can enable the smart search. There are filters like by category, by price, by availability, area-wise, etc.

Reviews & Ratings:

In order to make a fruitful choice, the users can browse the reviews and ratings mentioned on various vendors. Hence on the completion of the service, the users can share the feedbacks also.

Details of the registered vendors:

All the registered vendors on the application mention their details related to the services offered, charges, portfolio, availability, etc. The users can check all these details before selecting the vendor.

In-App chat:

For instant communication with the vendors, this feature can be utilized…

User-friendly interface:

The developers should ensure that the application interface is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Multiple payment integration:

By using this feature the user can make online payments easily by using various modes like Net Banking, E-Wallets, Debit/credit cards.

Admin Panel Features:

Location Monitoring

The admin of the application has complete control over the application and hence can easily monitor the client’s and vendor’s location by using the GPS functionality of the mobile devices.

Record backup:

If in case the customer uninstalls the application and re-install it with the same registered number then the earlier stored data gets recovered.

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Transactions monitoring:

The administrator can screen the total payments and banking exchanges being performed on the application. Additionally, they can drop and favor the exchanges being made between the application and the bank.

Real-time statistics:

With the assistance of this component, the administrator can check and break down the continuous exercises of different users enlisted on the application. This is extremely useful in drafting strategies and plans for the smooth running of the business.

Management of users:

The proper management of the users is possible by using this feature.

Customer Relationship Management:

For the success of application extensive customer relationship management is really important. It is the most significant resource for organizations across different enterprises. Consequently, the coordination of CRM in the application helps in generating answers for different client’s questions which makes them acknowledged. In addition, clients may likewise share their significant input on the application which further aides in upgrading the client experience.

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Vendor Panel Features:

Simple registration:

In order to deliver services over the application, all local vendors need to complete the registration process either by filling up the signup form or may integrate their social accounts like Facebook, Google.

Share availability, dates, and timings:

Once the vendor has registered on the application complete details related to their availability, dates and timings need to be mentioned so that the customers can hire their services.

Feedback acknowledgment:

The vendor needs to acknowledge the feedback shared by the customers. This is important as it makes the customer associated with the application and helps in-app engagement.

Location tracing:

By using the GPS features available on the phone the vendor’s location can be traced easily.

Technical stack required for the app development:

The required technical stack for house painting app development is as follows:

Framework of PHP Java Script, HTML 5, jQuery
Database MySQL, MongoDB
Hosting Amazon cloud
Android development Android studio
iOS development Objective C / Swift
Cloud AWS, Google cloud
Notifications Amazon SNS, Twilio
Location By using the geo location of the device real-time tracing can be done.


Real-time analytics Flink, Google analytics, apache

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Team structure required for a successful On-Demand House Painting Application Development

To develop a proficient On-demand house painting application a team of skilled professionals is necessary for converting various thoughts with immense creativity to the practical world. The required team members are:

  • Project Manager.
  • Android Developer.
  • iOS Developer.
  • Web Developer.
  • Front-end and back-end developers.
  • Graphic Designers.
  • UI/UX Designers.
  • Quality Analyst.

How much does it cost to develop an On-Demand House Painting Application Development?

The business model of On-demand house painting application is broader in nature and the house painting app development cost mainly depends on factors like:

  • Application complexity and features incorporated as per the client’s requirements.
  • Is the application being developed on single or multiple platforms?
  • Development team location and the total number of hours invested.
  • Third-party integration.

The US/UK based developers charge around $70-$250 per hour. Eastern Europe based developers charge around $50 to $150 per hour. Therefore in comparison, Indian developers provide the most affordable prices around $20-$70 per hour.

Moreover, an average overall development cost of the On-Demand House Painting Application may cost near around $20,000 to $50,000. If advanced functionality is incorporated in the application than the house painting app development cost may increase.


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