Guide to Hire an ASP.NET Developer!

We live in a world that is constantly and rapidly progressing, and the same holds true for the IT sector, which is noticing tremendous growth for the last many years. With this progression, comes the immense requirement for the software and mobile application developers. The demand is really high for the developers and the ASP.NET development services are no different. Most companies today are looking to hire the best development minds out there in the market. However, this process of searching and hiring ASP.NET developers may not be as easy as it sounds. Often enterprises have a tough time working on their development team and hire efficient, skilled, and affordable developers.

But these hassles in hiring does not hamper the increasing development demand. In fact, the times are such that dot net developers are being highly sought after by various brands and businesses. Now the reason for this upheaval is simple. Today almost all the businesses are looking to create an online presence, and due to this recent increase in the online development of business websites and mobile apps, it has become crucial to hire efficient, reliable, yet affordable ASP.NET developers. In this blog, we will explore the various aspects of hiring ASP.NET developers for your business project and realize how much does it cost to hire one. So let’s get started but before that here is a brief definition of ASP.NET.

What is ASP.NET

ASP.NET is the most prominent framework used for web-based application development. Meanwhile, the technical architecture of ASP.NET comprises a unified web development model, which is also integrated with a .NET framework, designed in a way to provide services for creating dynamic web apps and web services.

Benefits of development in ASP.NET

There are countless benefits of building the web apps through the ASP.NET framework and here we have talked about a few:

  • In the .NET framework, the content & program logic are separated and this reduces the program inconveniences.
  • One of the best attributes of the .NET framework is that it comes with its own built-in caching features.
  • The ASP.NET apps are monitored really well and highly managed so to help applications available to handle the requests.
  • Your app gets high-level performance with ASP.NET features, such as JIT compilation, early binding, native optimization supports, and caching services.
  • The .NET framework gives quick alerts for the unbounded loops, memory leaks, & other wrong behaviors that kill them immediately and restart them all over again.
  • The windows web server meticulously monitors web pages, multiple applications, and components that run over it.
  • NET is easily deploy-able with built-in configuration information.
  • The ASP.NET framework is language independent and this means that you can pick any programming language that best suits your application.
  • .NET code is an ideal server-side scripting technology and it runs first on the Windows server prior to being displayed on a web browser.
  • You can generate the dynamic web pages quite smoothly with ASP.NET & HTML.
  • .NET reduces long lines of coding that is required for developing large applications.
  • It keeps your ASP.NET applications secure with built-in Windows authentication & per-application configuration.

How to hire ASP.NET Developers

As you are on the lookout for Hiring ASP.NET Developers, you must be aware of the options open for the hiring purpose. Like, you might be surprised to find your ASP.NET developer in a business partner or developers who work as outsourced & freelance work for the local/global market. There are even ASP.NET developers who work for an in-house team. So, there are several ways to finding ASP.NET developers, you simply need to choose one that works for you. Meanwhile, in case you are seeking an in-house ASP.NET developer then you simply need to seek answers to a few questions first, like what is your main purpose of hiring a .NET developer and why should you hire them.

Once these parts are worked upon, it will help to stick up the overall downsides and cautions to work on the development phase. Following these below-mentioned principles would be helpful to hire a dot net programmer.

  • Go into the Basics: As you begin the process of hiring, keep in mind that the ASP.NET developer should be well aware of the? framework. S/he should have years of expertise in the Dot.NET application development. This criterion will also be helpful to set the rates, according to their knowledge of the entire development process.
  • Look at the experience: Looking into the total years of experience of the developer in the ASP.NET technology is again a crucial criterion. You need to find how much experience they have in the field before taking the final call. After all, their experience determines their expertise and ability to handle complex situations during the development process. Hence, as a business, you must take a detailed look at the candidates? portfolio so to know about their experience and knowledge in this desired field. Another essential trick is to ask the candidate for the code sample, as that again will tell a lot about their experience.
  • SQL Databases: Data & databases are two crucial components that have a huge influence on development nowadays. The more advanced is database technology, the more useful it is for .NET developer Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and even MySQL are used in combination with the .NET, while Microsoft SQL is one popular database used by the .NET developer. CouchDB and MongoDB are two popular kinds of NoSQL databases.
  • Communication is the key: It is essential to ensure that the ASP.NET developer you hire has good communication skills. After all, as a developer, s/he would need to frequently communicate with team members and clients to understand their requirements and expectations with the ASP.NET application. Further, it also helps the business to build a nice relationship with the candidate without any language or cultural barrier.

Few tips to hire ASP.NET Developers

If you are looking to hire a dot net programmer for your business, then know that it is not easy as there are so many applications that come in these days and so many applications fail to pan out. But when you know exactly what to look in your ASP.NET developer, then things get quite smooth.

Enlist all the stakeholders: Create a list of potential interview questions from job opening’s direct reports, internal customers, management, and collaborators.

Prioritize the questions: After a good long list of potential interview questions is created, next, the team members & other stakeholders can vote on the individual items in order to come up with a shorter and more usable list.

Tailor the questions so to match each and every candidate: For instance, if a candidate proclaims to be having great knowledge of C#, you can ask this candidate to write a short C# FizzBuzz script. Now, this might come across as one weak example as the FizzBuzz issue is a good simple test for any of the developer job opening. Here the main point is looking through the application for the question ideas.

Look into their attributes: While looking to hire an ASP.NET developer, prefer the one with excellent communication skills as that allows them to collaborate effectively, look for someone who loves to learn, and stay updated with the latest technologies, as these attributes ultimately help the developers to solve the problem. It works best to have self-driven & self-motivated ASP.NET developers who don’t need the superiors to help them through the development process.

How much does it cost to hire an ASP.NET Developer

There are several factors that determine the cost of hiring ASP.NET developers. Firstly, it varies from candidate to candidate, which is quite obvious. Then it also depends on the application complexity or the processes used in the device. Basically, this provides a proper storage criterion of a system for enhanced backend work and also the served store purpose for clearer insight. This way, the cost of hiring a dedicated ASP.NET developer starts from an average of $25 and it can go till $100, as per the candidates? specifications, attributes, and app complexity.

Final Note: As you start looking for an ASP.NET developer you want to find and hire the best developer who also fits well within your team. So ask the right questions and use the best practices for hiring. This way you can successfully hire a developer who has the right skills and mindset to fit into your existing team.


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