The smartphone users have a myriad of apps to use, be it for iPhone or Android handsets. However, there are only few apps which actually find a place in your device and are being used by people all around the apps of 2015

Here we bring to you the survey that lists out the most popular smartphone apps of the year. Undoubtedly, Facebook and Google are reining the mobile app space.

No matter whatever you do on the internet, the influence of Facebook is on everything. For instance, you can take in note of the amazing growth rates of Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Several eyebrows were raised over the company’s decision to launch Messanger as a stand-alone app, however, we can say that the decision has certainly paid off with the app enjoying an average of 96,444,000 monthly users compared to the 53,713,000 recorded in 2014—an annual growth rate of 31%.

It’s indeed the most used apps owing to the amazing features it support. By all means, it is the best with search results being fast and consistent with the website. At the same time, everything YouTube supports on the web tends to be available in their iOS app as well.

Facebook Messenger
What usually happens with mobile messengers is that you are required to convince your friends to sign up. However, that’s not the case with the Facebook Messenger app as most people known to you are already on Facebook. This simple and clean app allows you to send videos as well as interesting stickers.


Well, now you must know that the Google Talk is a thing of past, courtesy Google Hangouts, which not only allow you to send instant messages to other Google users but also allows you to do video chatting for free. In fact, the users having Android 4.4 can also use it to manage their SMS messages and Google+ users can enjoy video conference calls with up to 12 participants.

Since its arrival, Tumblr has seen huge success and allows the users to quickly share their creations and discoveries as well as re-blog things found on Tumblr. This new Android app presents how it has grown with an appealing new interface.

Google maps
Guiding the users for years, Google maps has few taps and tells you exactly how to reach your destination. It supports walking, bicycle and mass transit directions as well as Uber. There are improvised offline maps and driving directions telling you which lane to choose as you drive.

Certainly the most successful messenger app, WhatsApp is highly successful, boasting an enormous and dedicated user base. Sometime back this app was augmented by encrypted messaging provided by the minds behind TextSecure. It’s a secure and easy-to-use messenger.

After adding video, now Instagram also allows direct messaging. Earlier an image sharing app, Instagram had bowled us over with filters that bring enhanced photo editing features that let it compete with the likes of Snapseed.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music is one app that allows you to play local content as well as lets you stream content. You can upload up to 50,000 of your own (non-DRM) songs to Google’s cloud for streaming. This function is for free and then for $9.99/month, you get a very above-average streaming service with over 30 million songs, playlist support, and various Internet radio options.

Maps (Apple)
Earlier you used to get Google Maps with all iPhones, however now it’s needed to download the app separately and there are all great reasons to do that.  In fact, Google Maps happen to be more accurate than Apple’s own map app, allowing turn-by-turn directions by car, foot, and public transportation. It enables you to see estimated travel times, integration with your Google account for quick access to your home and work addresses (optional).