Google acquires Fabric which is mobile application developer platform of Twitter. Alphabet Inc. which is Google’s parent company has given its consent to buy Fabric, which is basically Twitter business which offers software toolkit to build mobile apps. This move is seen to offer some breathing space for this social network platform. Terms of the deal have not been made open.

Implications of the move
For social networking platform Twitter, this deal will enable it to offload one more asset as it struggles with stress to dispense growth. Google is taking in the work force of Twitter which works for Fabric so this acquisition is aimed to enable it hire mobile developers, a prime component, to the cloud computing service offered by it.
Last year only Twitter was keen to sell its business to various firms, this encompasses Google parent Alphabet. Nevertheless, the deal did not materialize and so it planned to proceed on an autonomous path, trimming various jobs and turning its focus on the core services it offered.

With sale of Fabric the platform which is used by the app developers for creating several mobile apps will go to Google.  Fabric was launched in 2014, with the objective to offer the best tools which could help the developers build mind blowing apps. This platform has so far been right on track for its pursuit of this goal.

With this agreement the only thing which has seen a change is the ownership. Now Fabric acquired by Google. The existing team will join Google’s Developer Products Group, so there will be working with Firebase team from now onwards. The good work will continue, as matter of fact the team will become stronger and will work towards better outcomes.

The mission will be clear- enable developers create better apps and consequently expand their business.

Twitter is in reorganization phase. It intends to scale up the profitability charts for the very first time. It also intends to amplify user growth which has seen a downward trend as compared to other social networks.