IoT is taking up a major share of the digital world and thus, IoT app development is becoming crucial with passing days. Every business is connected today and the market will only grow once mobile app development companies are able to sync their efforts in line.

Getting an idea about the cost of building an IoT app depends on a range of broad factors which include:

  • The App Type and Complexity
  • Duration of App Development
  • Size of App Development Team
  • Hourly Charges for Resources in Different Geographies

We will factor in each of these parameters to derive at the cost of developing an IoT app.

The App Type and Complexity – Before the onset, the IoT app development team should be aware of the ultimate objective for an app and must clearly define its future positioning. Enlisting the features that are to be included is indeed a crucial activity that must be carried upon. As the number of features is directly proportional to the escalated costs. Conceptualizing the entire app is important as that will help to capture insights about the impending restraints.

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Duration of App Development – Before developing the app, designing of the app is the key step that every IoT app development company should follow. The three stages that go with the designing include information analysis, prototyping and adding visuals, each of which respectively takes 20-40 hours, 40-80 hours and 80-300+ hours. Depending on the number of features and project complexity, the designing duration also varies.

Post designing, the app needs to be developed, for which an IoT app development company devotes 400-1000+ hours.

Post app development should be rightly implemented, for which a mobile app development team might consume 35-171 hours.

The size of the App Development Team – Building a team of IoT app development depends on the nature of the project, whether one needs a basic team or an extended team. A basic team may comprise of 2 developers, 1 designer, 1 QA engineer and 1 project manager. On the other hand, in an extended team comprises of 1 business analyst, backend developer, administrator and a panel designer over and above the basic layout.

Hourly Charges for Resources in Different Geographies – Following are the hourly charges for resources spanning different geographies.

North America (US and Canada) – $50 – $150/ hrs

Eastern Europe (Ukraine) – $30 – $50/ hrs

Western Europe/ UK – $65 – $130/hrs

India – $20 – $50/ hrs

A company should always keep in mind that a mobile app developer should be recruited judiciously as it always doesn’t imply that higher resource charges will provide high-quality apps and vice versa. It would be the best decision to outsource an IoT project while developing the app as it is bound to save time, money and effort. While having it outsourced, the entire development trajectory would be handled by the outsourcing partner.

The Cost Factor:

Considering all the above parameters the different cost estimates for IoT app development are as follows:

  • A simple app which is table-based would hover around $1,000 – $ 4,000
  • A database app might cost anything between $8,000 to $50,000
  • A gaming app would be costlier in the range of $10,000-$250,000

Now that you have a clear understanding of driving the cost of developing an IoT app, what are you waiting for? Get started with the process of IoT app development and lead the digital world in a smart manner.


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