Flutter was presented to the world last year and since then it has been making waves across app creation industry. It was deemed as the game-changer in cross-platform apps since the time google launched it. Some of the gigantic companies which includes the likes of Tencent, Alibaba, Hamilton Music and Reflectly have developed their apps using flutter in the development process and this will give you a great reflection about how far flutter has come. Flutter is meant to achieve so much more despite making a mark in the app development business in such a short span of TIME. 

Now, let us shift our focus towards all the business owners including you. There will surely be an avalanche of questions popping up in your mind regarding flutter. How flutter can help you take your business forward? Should hiring a flutter app development company will help you in any sort in your mobile app project? How flutter will catalyse your business goals? All these questions of yours will be answered in the upcoming piece of content and you will become certain about the fact that flutter is here only to make our daily task easier.

So lets us dive straight in to the 7 reasons why Flutter is going to help you create faster, smarter, better and beautiful apps that will help you and your company achieve high level of quality performances without investing too much from your pocket. 

1. Code can be Written much Faster:

One of the primary concerns of app owners in today’s world is make the app reach the market as soon as possible. This is a major speciality of flutter and this because of this quality it has created a special place in the heart of major companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, Dream 11. 

“Flutter significantly reduced the time we need to develop a new feature from 1 month down to 2 weeks”, says Bruce Shen of Alibaba.

“With Flutter, the Ios version of our app was ready in 2 days”, says Anil Sharma of Dream 11. 

You get to significantly speed up the development process of your app and then get it out to the desired audience much quicker than usual. Reason behind the success of Flutter in this department is the revolutionary Hot Reload Feature. This helps the developers to make significant changes to the code and see the results in real time. Apart from the just mentioned feature, developers can also try out new elements, fix bugs and all it takes is less than a second. In order to see the effects, you don’t really have to reboot, reload or wait to see the effects. 

Vision of designer and how the developer makes it to come to reality is a topic has been a topic of real conflict ever since this app development venture was started. Flutter makes the app development faster by streamlining the designer-developer collaboration.

Flutter cast away this constant conflict between the designer and developer so that they can work together and try to achieve something remarkable that will benefit all the people associated with their work. ‘Make the animation slower’, ‘take it a little to the right’, ‘make it a pixel smaller’, any of the above change that you try out become visible up front which allows room for experiment without any kind of reviews and reworking. The final result is that flutter help you develop the app faster than your counterparts, be ahead in the race with timely launching of the product and on top of all this, save a huge chunk of your money. 

2. Flutter Apps work Faster:

You have live in a realistic world and place yourself in your customers shoes if you are looking develop an app. I will not beat around the bush regarding this and will help you face the harsh reality that users will not think one bit in switching to some other app if your app takes more than a second to load up. What flutter does in this regard is that it helps you develop apps which are full of quality features, functioning at a high desirable speed which allows you to make the users feel what you actually wanted to offer them. 

Different technologies that are built in flutter allows it work smoothly despite such high expectations. Makers of flutter worked pretty hard in developing a fast renderer that renders at a speed of 60 FPS and tries to punch above its weight by nearing almost 120 FPS. The edge that flutter gets in terms of performance speed is provided by Dart which is a new and modern programming language by Google that compiled ahead of its time in native code. Another feature of flutter is called the ‘silver layout model’ which is used for scrolling because of fast speed. 

3. Less Worry about Testing:

People who have come across coding, know what kind of headache testing can prove to be. Quality assurance stage of testing is one stage that can become tough to bear even for the most patient of app developers and stakeholders. However, the overall productivity and performance can be increased if you have same code for two platforms which makes the testing much faster. On top of all this, the aforementioned Stateful Hot Reload makes the big fixes extremely faster, almost real-time. 

4. Your app looks the same on Older Devices:

If you are thinking that flutter runs without any hiccups only on Android Jelly Bean and newer versions then you have to alter your thinking because you don’t have to infuse any amount of money for supporting older devices on your flutter app. 

5. Tremendous Documentation and Ample Libraries:

The amount of libraries that flutter possess helps you achieve all levels of functionality which is a remarkable feat for any app that has just entered this business world. The level of freedom in terms of choosing app developers is worth praising and the reason behind this is the regular entry of new developers in flutter.

Google has been putting in a lot of work in make flutter one of the app of this generation and the work that google has put in includes preparing excellent documentation for flutter, providing extreme details about every feature, functionality and all of this makes it easy for new developers to get involved swiftly. 

6. Customizable Widgets for Beautiful UI:

Thanks to the customizable widgets, flutter has the power to create apps that are tremendous in terms of visual appeal and UI design. Since Material has adopted Flutter as its first-class platform, flutter has acquired quality set of material design widgets and Cupertino widgets and behaviours allows your app to look pretty natural.

On top of all this, you can integrate powerful interfaces which makes your app look like a true experience and this can be done by platform-specific scrolling, functional reactive framework, rich fonts and navigation patterns. 

7. Write one code for all platform to save money and time:

Although native apps holds the fort for quality and performance in terms of app development but native app development requires writing two sets of code and that too from scratch for two different platforms. This whole process turns out to be quite time consuming, tedious and expensive as in a way it is like creating two apps that will also cost the twice. This is the reason why biggest companies in earlier times thought twice before jumping in the business of mobile app creation. This fear of the companies was relieved by the cross-platform technology. 

Flutter makes the cross-platform app development without comprising on the quality. Flutter improves all the areas taking from design to features and functionality and that too without developing separately for two platforms. App owners thought that cross-platform app will affect the quality of the business but flutter has proven everybody wrong.


After reading the above presented points, you will surely be intrigued by the benefits that Flutter provides and will be itching to put it work so that you yourself can create an app that is stunning in looks and high on quality. This gut of yours is certainly true and you should definitely give Flutter a try in creating apps during the year of 2020. 

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal IT Solution, a prominent Mobile App Development Company offering cutting-edge iPhone App Development and Android App Development services to Startups, SMEs and Fortune-500 Companies.

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