Flat Design – A Fail or a Pass?

I was watching this painting coated with plain and steady brush strokes with a very Swiss kind of feel to it. I just made it at once that this artist is not in business for long.

Not because his work looked amateur but he has chosen the style of art that I see all over the web, and of course in any interactive media quite frequently. And the passion and confidence with which he has stood up with the approach looked quite fresh and approving to untainted thoughts.

And that’s truly a part of visual extract for many, throughout the world, irrespective of the culture and profession you are in, and for that matter, it exists everywhere and is commonly called Flat Design.

About a year ago, when Windows came up with this rare work of art with its Windows 8 release it just happened to strike the imagination of people. Flat Design could offer such a stir in the world of apps was a distant idea for me. Now, this all just kept growing big with giants like Apple and Google taking the idea seriously with their subsequent releases. iPhone 7 marked its entire element with the flat design dominating the entire theme of functional and conceptual details. This phenomenon just continued for a long time and made its impact in almost all the departments and areas concerning mobile app development.

Now from here, many more trends broke in the app designing that induced a changed approach in the way the designs communicate with us and vise Versa. In the whole process of depositing flat design in the ways and means of mobile app presentation, it just eroded off the old patterns and techniques that utilized explicit 3 D effects, drop shadows, loud outlines, gradients and various such styles accompanying the Skeuomorphism style that prevailed for long. But the question remains do we still have the flat design very much as a part of our lives or is it fading away.

If you look into the patterns that are being taken care of the highest of authorities that rule the mobile fraternity, it is not. Flat design is even taken up as the major website updates from businesses all over the world and this fact has been confirmed by the designing firms from all over through professional surveys. One of the good sources is a recent survey conducted by the research firm Appcelerator. It is very much of that character that was missing from our aesthetics for long. We see a lot of openness implemented off quite in a subtle manner through flat designs.

We have also experienced a way to revive our way of presenting things in a very different manner after a long time and this has been really attended well by the modern mindsets that had been planning for some authentic change for long. With that, it is clear that the idea of a flat design keeps rolling with great elements and enhanced versions like it always happen with great ideas. They just keep inspiring ideas and keep on putting you to think more on the next, till you find it all absorbed from your end.


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