With loads of curiosity prevailing for Android O, Google finally opens up the developer preview for Android O, the one that now seems quite stable and does not encompass the plentiful of features when compared with the previous versions of Android O, but it is definitely the one that is required to keep an eye on.

For the user and developer community, this latest preview of Android O brings an enhanced notification support across the OS, provides picture-in-picture support, advanced auto fill options and much more. A Set of these features targets your phone battery and makes it work even more. So, now the Android App Developers can test their apps on Android O, even if they do not go with its few features.

For executing the aforementioned testing strategies, Android Studio (Google’s IDE for writing the Android Apps must be updated). Well, there are plentiful of fantabulous features that are entailed in the Android O that makes it quite fit for a Mobile App Development Company.

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Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing features of the new Android O developer preview

  • Picture-in-picture video

Of late, Android O is coming with incredible support for the picture-in-picture feature. Hence, you will be kept updated with the floating videos on your mobile phone screen. So, the users can relax as this impeccable Android O trait makes sure that you do not get any work done by yourself.

Although this feature will come with very few mobile apps, Google is continuously striving for improvising its supports, in order to attain expansive compatibility, so as to cater to a seamless performance ecosystem.

  • A bunch of notification improvements

Android O  has made some remarkable modification in the notification section, So here we have grouped some the most notable one altogether:

Well, if you are busy and focusing on some other task, then snooze your notification windows, and now there will be no notification displaying on your screen. Swipe out the ones, after getting your tasks accomplished.

Filter your notifications now into categories within an app. Sounds interesting, well, yes, of course, you can manage separate windows for your news, entertainment, social, health updates. So here, you receive the updates based on the prescribed categories and yes, set the priorities and tones too for your highlighted categories.

  • Autofill within apps

Using auto-fill on the web domains comes out to be the second nature for saving the time, in getting the numbers and card details updated every time. With the Android O framework coming up this time, the autofill feature will allow you to accomplish your tasks easily, thus conserves you with an optimized strategy for managing your filled forms without any hassle.

  • Bluetooth 5 Support

The sea of technical enhancements with the Android O seems unstoppable as this time it is supporting Bluetooth 5, the condition is that both the connected devices must be embedded in it, and there you can pair your Tab/ Mobile Devices.

So, in case all the prerequisites related to hardware once met, you will witness a twice in speed for making the transfers with a much wider connectivity range.

  • Machine Learning Copy and Paste

Well, while talking in the context of copy and pasting, you might think that now what’s new is coming in this particular option. Well, there is something unique that is striking this particular feature, Android O with its clever AI feature is making it more smart and efficient this time.

Let’s see how? Now, this time you will not be required to click on that clumsy text and getting it pasted on a particular location, instead the moment you think of copying the text, Android O with its Android AI will interpret it and will paste in the location you desire. Obviously, you can change the selection. Thus, introducing this particular option Google has come up a long way for making the criteria of copy and pasting admirable with the aid of Machine Learning.

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