Factors You Should Consider to Estimate the Mobile App Cost

The app business is real. Reducing the cost may compromise with app quality, so be gentle when it comes to the real business of mobile app development.

With maximum customers being glued to their mobile devices every hour of the day, mobile apps are a need for almost every business.

While you generate brand engagement and sales, mobile apps add to this funnel its own profits that are inevitable. But, here it all boils down to the most crucial element- FINANCE. Yes, it’s the budget where it all revolves. Every company today is curious to know how much does it cost to build a mobile app? There are many mobile app development estimate tools that make sure you don’t get ripped off. But for the one who believes in going with the factors, you have landed at the right place. Here are the factors to estimate how much your mobile app idea will cost:

1. The platform you choose:

The mobile app development cost directly depends on the app platform you choose. An app is accessible on a number of devices like iOS (for iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows, and others. Depending on the targeted and engaged user base, companies try to set their platforms. Some only focus on iOS and others value Android and rest target on almost everything. On this line, there are clients who want their app to be first developed for iOS and then Android. The platform you choose governs your app budget significantly.

2. The app type and functionalities it exhibits: The type of app you are building and the functionalities it has, directly influences the app cost. The more functionalities it has, the price may equally rise. There are

  • Table /list based apps- simple yet effective information is displayed through these apps
  • Database based apps- responsible for presenting larger data sets, these apps are complex. These apps often connect to a website or other online web services to extract information.
  • Dynamic apps- similar to database apps but instead of connecting to the online services for retrieving information, they switch to an external source.
  • Gaming apps- the world revolves around these and it binds the major traction of users. This being the hardest app type to develop is based on simple games to a complex 3D interface.

Before you inquire about any mobile app development company, it is advisable to do your homework first and understand what kind of app you actually want. This ensures the further process to get easier and you can land to price estimation with more information.

3. The complete business model for monetization: You build an app with a strategy in mind- but do not let it stay with the strategy only. Convert it into a business model so that you can monetize with your app. Features like free app downloads, selling for a fixed price or earn money via in-app purchases will influence the app cost as well. According to experts, it is painless to create an app that you sell for an upfront cost. More to it, in-app purchases are time-consuming to implement and cost more. Fully-fledged e-commerce features in an app escalate to a huge app making cost.

4. An impressive design: Every business owner would want the app to look impressive and serve the targeted user base. However, the design of an app pours down to major importance. No compromises can be made here, as the best you show, the best you get. Customers spend time on your app with their senses open and you can’t fool them. In-app design, anything can impress a customer’s nerve. Maybe it’s the app icon, the app features or simply the user interface. But yes, it all stays straight with the design. So, app design is where the cost of an app varies. Everything comes with a cost and app designs that entice your users to certainly tag along with a good price. Animations are also introduced by mobile app developers according to the client’s requirements. These also score high depending on the complexity level of the app.

All rolls down to the final app cost

Well, an app that in today’s world does an incredible business and reaches to masses with simple downloads accounts for a hefty cost. But it is for the better, the good. You can estimate the cost with both time and money. Therefore,

  • The entire app development process takes about 12-20 weeks.
  • The average price of a mobile app will fit in between $5,000 to $500,000

It explains a huge amount for both time and money but it again sets business to new heights. Hiring offshore developers is quite cheaper than hiring domestic mobile app solution provider and that’s what you need to decide. Paying a closer look at these factors will help you in deciding your app budget with ease. The right mobile app development won’t be cheap, but it will be worthy of the long run.


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