Facebook’s already going headstrong in the matters of business. The social media platform is visited by over 450 million users everyday to buy and sell commodities through the FB groups. Now, the company has ventured into this business full-fledged with its latest app called Marketplace. The users are spending much of their time over social media. Facebook is leveraging this time to keep them engaged for long.

What’s New about Marketplace?

It is arguable that this new app is very much like its nearest rival Craigslist. But, Facebook has already said that it intends to be better than any existing mobile app. To start with, the company does not plan to be directly involved with the transactions or facilitate the payment/delivery. Also, it will not take any cut from the deal.


Currently, it will be available for the Android and iPhone users in 4 countries, viz. the United States of America, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. The company envisages rolling it out in other countries in the forthcoming months. And, it’s planning to take it on the desktop version very soon.

How Will It Work?

The official statement from Facebook talks about this feature as a simplified procedure of buying and selling things in your local community. The company is looking forward to upgrading the Marketplace with options and features that will enrich the user experience. As of now, it will be available as a Shop Icon on the bottom of your FB profile in the app.

Will It Make Buying Simpler?

Only time can tell this. Facebook is currently trying to keep things uncomplicated yet functional. To buy through it, you just need to tap on this icon and find the things listed for sale. If you are in pursuit of a specific item, use the search feature. Also, you can filter your options in the terms of price, category, and location. If this isn’t enough, there are category-wise listings to facilitate browsing through the numerous options.

The edge of technology has always been the stronghold of Facebook. Here again, it impresses with the built-in location tool. It helps you to adjust the region where you are looking to buy from or switch to another location or city as per your convenience. To explore a product deeply, you need to tap on it and all the details will be available on your screen. These will include the profile of seller along with the complete product description.

Facebook will here serve as a medium to find what you are looking for. Hence, you can contact the seller directly by sending a message and arranging the showing items.

How to Sell Through Marketplace?

Just like its buying option, the selling feature of Marketplace will also be simplified to the hilt. You just need to click a photo of the item to be sold, add it to the app with product details, choose a category, and confirm the location to post. Once the item is listed, any buyer can find it and contact you to buy it.

There is a ‘Your Items’ section in the mobile app to manage your transactions and monitor the items posted, messages sent to the people, and items saved by you. So, it’s as simple as that!

What The Future Beholds for Marketplace?

Most of the users will wait eagerly for this app to descend on their mobile devices. Hopefully, it will make local shopping a lot easier and fun. It may not directly cannibalize the share of existing players but it will certainly rev up the local buyer and seller markets. And, for you as a user, it’s another intriguing reason to hang around on Facebook!