By hosting upwards of 100 million hours of videos on a daily basis, Facebook is moving headstrong for capturing a massive viewership on its platform. In the recent few months, there has been a significant push in these figures due to augmented watching experiences and live streaming features integrated into them. Now, this social media giant is contemplating a huge shift forward with its new feature that allows live streaming of videos on your TV. So, you can enjoy the funny and interesting videos inundating your News Feed on the big screen with this addition. How Will It Work? Currently, the company is allowing this live streaming only on iOS. You can stream and enjoy them live on the TV via Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Very soon, it will descend to the Android-enabled devices as well. It is simplified and enriching. You just need to find an intriguing video appearing in the News Feed on your mobile or desktop. A TV symbol will appear on the topmost right-hand corner of the screen. Tap this icon and choose the device that you want the video to stream through. Now, lean back and enjoy the video playing right in front of your eyes. In the meanwhile, you can scroll through the feed on the mobile or desktop to check out other stuff while the video is still being played on the TV. It makes Facebook the first and the second screen, both at the same time. Moreover, while streaming a live video on your TV, you can also catch up on the reactions and comments pouring on your screen and join in the action as well. Will It Really Move Up The Ante? It took a long time for Facebook to finally launch this feature for its users. If you remember, the company integrated the ability to cast via AirPlay on its iPad app a long time ago in the year 2011. Since then, it has significantly revved up its resources to embrace the power of videos for pushing forward its business. The ubiquity of Facebook will be further strengthened by this move as it will take the platform to the living rooms dominated by Apple and Google to date. The add-on features like the ability to add comments or reactions on a real-time basis while watching a live streaming video on the TV, Facebook is certainly eyeing to capture a huge market share. Another underlining factor related to this feature is that your phone will not move into hibernation or lockdown position until the completion of the video. Your TV will act as a second screen and you can enjoy the rest of the stories seamlessly on the first screen. Facebook is also working on other features like a dedicated video feed and saving a video to watch later list. Videos are critical to the business of the company as they derive the highest rates in terms of advertisements. With average per-user ad revenue in the USA alone accentuated by 50%, this strategy seems to be quite promising. But, the competition confronting Facebook is fierce. YouTube and Periscope are consistently upgrading their video streaming technologies to take a lead in this direction. However, by striking on their key weaknesses and with further developments anticipated in the near future, Facebook is clearly doing what it always does, i.e., moving up the ante for its competitors.  
Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal IT Solution, a prominent Mobile App Development Company offering cutting-edge iPhone App Development and Android App Development services to Startups, SMEs and Fortune-500 Companies.

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