With the use of PHP, today it’s an extremely easy process to build a dynamic web application. In fact, web applications can also be built by using several PHP frameworks like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Zen Cart, CakePHP, etc.

More and more organizations are opting for PHP all owing to its advance and wonderful features, such as it is open-source, secure, stable and fast. 

As it comes to PHP developers, they must always be open to learning, as the technology is constantly advancing. Even the seasoned PHP programmers can look forward to improving their skills. They must frequently advance their coding as per the latest releases, modifications and insider knowledge. Here we are presenting in front of you a few of the valuable tricks which are helpful for the PHP developers in creating a cleaner and more optimized code.

Optimize Unit Testing

With the assistance of unit tests like Simple Test and PHPUnit, it becomes an extremely easy job to keep up your codebase evading code rot. It gets started by initiating the use of unit testing in order to write proof that the code is functioning as desired. This is followed by refactoring the code and then testing to see whether the new code is still working in an exact manner. Tools like XdeBug or FirePHP help in keeping an eye on the performance of the code on the front-end and back-end. Keep observing the functioning of the code and lest any complexity arises then deal with it by looking for the right help from other programmers and documentation online. Keep checking the error reports and ensure that the clean logs are maintained.

Go for the apt caching practice

Caching techniques are innumerous and while implementing when one has to see which is appropriate depending on the varying circumstances. Opcode cache is certainly the most optimal, easiest and extensively used manner of caching data and enhancing PHP performance. The working of opcode caches like APC or XCache goes in a way that it stores opcodes in memory, hence doing away with the superfluous work at each step there in the course. Caching approaches that serialize data and store it in a temporary file is easy to handle and comes handy with code optimization. Memcached is again a unique way of storing data on a central server and together with several other servers as well have access to it, thus the possibility of the overhead of network and disk access doesn’t arise. It’s most useful when the application is spread to many servers. Keep in mind that different caching techniques need to be used for every project and while deciding upon one, keep in mind the logistics of the project, the scale of the project, and the reason for optimization.

Emphasize on the connectivity

The best advice PHP developers can receive is that it’s best to not consider themselves as the master in the domain as there are constant updates that they need to be in knowledge of. Stay connected and reach out to other programming blogs, podcasts, Twitter and YouTube. Analyse other top PHP websites. Remain updated regarding the programming conferences as they will help you get in touch with the experts in the arena who can help as well as teach something new and relevant. Taking part in code reviews and bug reports is also recommended as well as to assist newcomers in the areas they are struggling, with your knowledge. Enhance your skills with participation in an open-source and it also keeps you in tune about the latest updates and industry trends.


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