Drone market is growing incessantly; know all about the app development opportunities

Today is the time when Drone holds a significant space in the digital world. It has attained great success and this consistent accomplishment has directly led to an increase in the number of apps, which are being created with the aim of controlling these devices.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that the drone market which is huge already is constantly growing. Its success can be majorly measured with the fact that the manufacturer Parrot itself is offering users a link to Apps for its drones on its website. There are several other independent websites that have been designed as drone app platforms. Besides, these apps turned out to be of great use for gamers competing against each other with the use of drones, which help in tracking their progress and scores. With the mean of designing new apps for drones, we get the chance to come up with new experiences, including gamification, business tools, entertainment, and devices. In fact, even the Pentagon is keen on hiring software developers for a Drone App Store.

It’s an incredibly easy job for the developers to create apps for drones. It’s done the same as for smartphones. A flyver is an open-source Android-based framework that’s used for developing drone apps and all you need to start is an android phone, a drone, and an IOIO board. After the design, an app is launched on the Flyver app marketplace, thus it can be bought by the users. Flyver helps in making drones come handy to developers.

One can look at the escalation of the smart glasses users and piloting drones is becoming popular each day. Epson Company is in collaboration with the popular drone maker DJI in order to build tools for the smart glasses, which are being sold under the Moverio brand on top of their drone developer software. Pilots are enabled by smart glasses to monitor their drones and additional data that are especially important for drone photographers. Percepto caters to its customers with its computer vision apps for drones that offer a whole new world of aerial games and also absolute control of your phone. It’s a tiny black box consisting of a Tegra K1 based processing unit and a camera that connects to almost any drone.

It’s easy for the users to create, upload and use the existing apps from the Percepto Marketplace. Also, there is a pre-installed Percepto app The Director and Enrich which provide ultimate flying control. With it being 100% community based, this open-source platform is helpful in allowing drone owners to reuse and share software that reduces the cost of developing new drone capabilities. Post months of testing and making adjustments, Drone’s shipping will finally start in October 2015.

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