Which costume your business fits in well – iPhone, Android or Blackberry?

You are planning to get your business app developed? A must-have in this mobility struck era. But you have a limited budget.

Or you are skeptical about the investment and just want to give it a try for that matter starting with one at a time. Not able to decide which one to go with!

At, Octal IT solution we come across many such situations. We are famous for businesses and individual professionals in solving their dilemma over finding the right app for their audiences. How do we help you help yourself? We help our clients reach the app with the right approach. To get through, we let you know the business and the audience type from the mobile app perspective. These questions are crucial in forming logic.

  • Do you have a product that deals with generalized audiences or to some specific class of users?
  • What is the socio-economic status of your audience?
  • What type of cultural environment do they come from?

All these factors could be broadly determined by referring to the age, gender and qualification background your target users come from. Just mull over their buying tendencies. This would take just a few hours of thinking and you will be able to know your audience better and make a decision that is more perceptive.

Finally, with our years of experience in the mobile app domain, we help you depict a measurable plan. With this, you will be able to know what type of audiences you have and relate them with the different mobile phone genres. Doing all these things, you will be able to know which mobile phone application would suit your audience-type.

This would invariably unleash the very status of different mobile phones and the type of presence they have geographically, socio-economically and demographically. Our mobile professionals take you through the researches and profiles to give you a broad idea of the business dynamics they would appeal to.

Get a little sneak peek:

iPhone is most popular among the high-income segment and you would find it more prevalent in the developed areas. Also, with the iPhone, you will be able to capture more innovators, who believe in buying something early. So if your product is of global appeal and you want to touch people who are more informed and take technology seriously go for iPhone application development.

Android belongs to the awake. It is a bit newer but has a large number of authentic smartphone users in its kitty. It is growing fast. It is something that is available with different varieties of gadgets and is increasingly being used by more and more people across different countries. With an Android application, you would be able to reach the different classes of users who come from potential income zone. It is being used greatly by the students and professionals but doesn’t have much penetration to a lesser educated class.

So, if you think your product needs to be attended by people who are learned and have a point-of-view and can differentiate between qualities, android app development is worth it.

Windows, on the other hand, is available with a class of users who belong to an average income background (considering today’s scenario). They come from comparatively lesser developed economic zones. You will find Windows applications attracting the number of buyers who have access to limited resources as the current research data suggests. If you want your business to reach random people and get access to the numbers and target more general crowd, there’s nothing like Windows.

Blackberry phones are indicating a diminishing curve in their use these days. Having introduced designs that are most useful for corporate groups, Blackberry has sustained a specific market zone – it is most popular for. If you deal with corporate deals, household products, and other offerings for such an audience, you can go with a Blackberry app. You can keep yourself available to a niche audience with Blackberry applications.

We help you by generally classifying them with their capacity to attract users decoding their usage and the type of audience they belong to. This would help you relate your business type with these mobile app characteristics and finally get your product to reach your type of audience most advantageously. You can win significant prospects and possibilities for your business by being on the right device beating your limitations and go on selecting the right app for you with our mobile application development and consulting services.

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