With everything becoming digital and all businesses going online, organizations have started taking a keen interest in hiring mobile app developers to create an app for their business. Everything comes handy in a mobile app, which has made not even life simpler, but easier when it comes to doing business, reading news, studying, entertaining, etc. There is been an upsurge in the mobile app industry and there are millions of apps in android and IOS that have become a hit among the users. The app stores allow users to download an app of their choice, which in return offers them convenience in many ways. While most apps come free of cost, there are few which can be downloaded only after paying for them. Well, there is a lot that goes behind making each app.

The expertise and knowledge that is required to build an app is not a cakewalk and only the professionals can take up the challenge of doing it. An app is made depending upon the size of the project and the organization. From a local coffee shops to news organizations and publishing organizations, everyone is looking up to these mobile apps in educating the people.

There is a wide scope of jobs for mobile app developers all across the globe. Although, it is upon a hiring manager to decide if the organization wants to hire a developer on a freelance basis for full time. It is not an easy job to hire a mobile developer.

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The following points should be considered while hiring mobile app developers

It is extremely important to know the nature of the app you want to make for the organization.

If it will need consistency in updates and changes would be made from time to time, then a full-time developer should be preferred, whereas, a freelanced should be hired in case of just one-time app development.

A developer’s expertise and experience should be counted as it helps in the long run.

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A full-time developer should have good knowledge and experience in the field to bring several moments in the organization.

Cost is one of the major issues that one faces while hiring an app developer. Freelancers cost much less to the company than a full-time employee does. If you want timely deliverables and early submissions, a full-time developer is someone you should look for. Comparing the cost of full-time developers and freelancers is one of the principal things that you must spend some time upon.

Although freelancers might charge according to the hours they depend on creating an app, the permanent employees take their time in doing the same work. There are a lot of factors that should be kept in mind while hiring a mobile app developer for your company, the cost is the most significant.

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Let’s take a look at some key points that help in deciding the cost of a developer to a company.


The full cost of both, full time and hourly basis developers should be compared initially. Although the freelancers charge on an hourly basis, if the time taken on building an app is longer, it is recommended to go for full-time development services.


The Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company bears all the costs of the benefits that it offers its employees. From the gym services to unlimited paid leaves, coffee and maintenance services, the office employees enjoy a plethora of benefits. This cost is not incurred on the freelancers. Some of the benefits are listed below: Bonus received annually – Paid leaves the employees are entitled to – Insurance of any kind, including medical, life, dental, etc. – Benefits that are legally required like unemployment insurance and social security. – Savings of the employees – The share of Provident fund a company has to pay to its employee – Overtime pay and premium, which is covered under supplement pay – Employment training tax

Cost that the company indirectly incurs

The indirect costs can be divided into three categories: overhead costs, general and administrative costs, and fringe benefits. Some popular examples of indirect costs include cleaning office supplies, equipment used by the employees, and computers.

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The employer needs to understand the nature of the work and the time needed to work on the project. Until it is not specified clearly, it will be tough to decide between the two. While some organizations are looking for mobile app developers for their short-term projects, others look forward to hiring the developers for a brief period. Most start-ups opt for freelancers as they want them to cater to their specific needs initially and might later consider hiring them as their employees when the organization expands and witnesses a boon.


The full-time mobile app developers who show their presence in the office during office timings are paid regularly, whether fortnightly or monthly. It is easy to calculate the number of days they have been present in the office, and the salary can be credited to their account based on that. They get the benefit of the available leave in this scenario. On the other hand, employers need to keep track of the time spent by freelance developers on their work so that the payment can be made after calculating the amount of time spent by them. In this case, the payment can be done daily, weekly or monthly, as mentioned in the organization’s contract.

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The performance level of employees cannot be the same all the time. It is difficult for the company to ask a full-time employee to leave the organization if he is competent. This might lead to the employee suing the organization. However, employers are quite relaxed and flexible with the freelancers. An underperforming app developer is a big goodbye if he is not meeting the expectations of the employer. Work can be customized better with freelancers.

To get a decent amount of work done in maximum time, you must not compromise on the developer’s experience. You must create a budget first and ensure the budget is followed and the hiring is done accordingly. Also, don’t go for the cheapest option, which might result in insufficient productivity and lack of consistency. To boost the employees’ morale a regular payment mode should be followed.

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It is always better to hire hourly basis mobile app developers, in terms of cost and flexibility. In the long run, the full-time employees might lose interest or deviate from their path of creating the right kind of app their employer is looking for, but a freelancer will always put in that extra effort to get the best results in less time. The cost of a freelancer would be as much as 50 percent lesser than the full-time employees as an organization does not have to incur any cost on any benefits and can hire them for a certain period of time. There are always some pros. and cons of both types of employment, but it is economical to hire dedicated android developer and pay him for the number of hours he is putting into work. Get feature packed mobile app with dedicated app developers.

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