This time businesses and startups have got a new opportunity to make revenues with the aid of the On-demand cook finder mobile app. Well, yes they can help the users to find and hire the cook for meeting their cooking needs. Well, this is very much loved by today’s user community and thus, investing in this niche will for sure conserve a high user base.

With the help of the On-demand cook finder app, the businesses can allow the users to find reliable and trained chefs right at their location and will serve them sumptuous meals be it Italian, Chinese, or Thai. Since food lovers are all around thus, businesses are very keen to embark on the On-demand cook finder app development. Here find the top developmental features, cost, and developmental strategies for engineering the best-in-class On-demand chef finder mobile app.

Features of Cook On-Demand App Development Application

The chef app development team associated with us tries to bring on the screen solutions that are ladened with features and can help you be the best in the market. We study competitors’ loopholes to affirm the solutions that are dropped stand a few steps ahead of the competition.

The feature set is divided into three elements:

  • User Panel
  • Cook Panel
  • Admin Panel

User Panel

  • Register: This is the basic section of the app where the user will land on. They can sign in with the aid of social networking or email account credentials.
  • Select the Cook: The users can select the cook/chef as per their interests. The cook might specialize in preparing Chinese, continental, Thai, Italian, or maybe something else.
  • Send Request: Under this section, the users can send the request to the desired cook as per their preferences.
  • View Services: Under this section, the users can view the services delivered by the users. They can grab an idea about their specialization prior to booking them.
  • Track the Cooks: The users can track the real-time location of the cooks and can suggest the most appropriate routes to be taken.
  • Get the Details: Users can get the details about the chefs such as the location, expertise, experience, per hour charges, and much more.
  • Specify the Time Duration: This is a very specific feature of an On-demand cook finder mobile app. The users can specify the number of hours during which they seek to avail themselves of the cooking services.
  • Make Payments: The users can make payments to the cook with the help of integrated payment models such as Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking, etc. We can also build solutions that would have in-app payment solutions or can accept ewallet app development.
  • Ratings and Reviews: The users can assign ratings and reviews to the chefs as per the quality of services delivered by them.

Cook Panel:

  • Register: This is similar to the user panel. Here the cook can log in with the help of social networks or email account credentials.
  • Manage Their Profile: Under this section, all the cooks attuned to the app can add their specialization, locations they are serving, experiences, and much more for attracting the users.
  • View User Request: The cooks can view the assigned user request and cooking services they seek to avail.
  • Accept/decline User Request: As per the number of requests lined up and the location defined by the users, the cook can accept or decline the user request.
  • Set Booking Calendar: The cook can manage and update their booking calendar. They can highlight the date on which they are occupied.
  • Enlist Specialties: Under this section, the cook can enlist the specialties and the meals or the cuisines prepared by them so as to attract the users.
  • Receive Payments: The cook can receive the payments from the integrated payment models processed by the user. The same information is transferred to the admin.
  • Manage Price: Under this section, all the per hour charges for the cooking services enlisted in the app are managed by the cook.

Admin Panel

  • Manage Users and Cooks: All the users and the cooks that are attuned to the app are managed and monitored by the admin.
  • Manage services: All the cooking services that are delivered within the On-demand cook finder app are managed and monitored by admin.
  • Payment management: All the payments processed within the app or made through the COD are managed by the admin.
  • Manage ratings and reviews: All the ratings and reviews assigned by the users are managed by the admin. Further the admin reserves all the right to take the necessary steps for improvising the app as required by the users.
  • Reports: All the reports related to the number of requests captured, payments, the location from where the maximum requests were fetched, etc can be managed by the admin in the form of pie charts and reports.
  • App marketing: All the app marketing strategies, promotional banners, advertisements, and campaigns are managed and monitored by the admin.

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Advanced Features

  • GPS: This is one of the major features to keep an eye on. Using the GPS (Global Positioning System) in an On-demand cook finder mobile app allows the cook to identify the relevant destinations along with the miles to be covered. Furthermore, the information can be updated in real-time to the users and to the admin as well.
  • Social media integration: In today’s digital era, people just like to share their experiences over social media. Allow them to express happiness, with the prepared sumptuous meals. This will not only help to keep the users attuned to the app but at the same time will increase the app visibility as well.
  • Refined search: Under this feature, the users can search and send the request to the cook by selecting the meal categories, location, expertise, and experience. This feature helps the users to book the most appropriate cook as per their requirements.
  • Push notifications: It works great for augmenting user acquisition and retention. An On-demand cook finder mobile app developed and entailed with the push technology helps greatly in notifying the user pertaining to offers, discounts, new services added plus all the messaged related to the payment, and the request confirmation can also be sent to the users.
  • In-app communication: Well this feature allows the users to communicate with the desired cook about the services provided. They can communicate over the voice/video call within the On-demand cook finder mobile app and can discuss the per hour/ day charge or about the meals they are experts at cooking.
  • Newsfeed: Under this feature, the cook can publish about various locations they are serving; cuisines prepared by them and can showcase the images related to the sumptuous meals. This helps to capture the viewer’s attention and helps the cook to conserve high user requests.
  • Operational zone set-up: This feature allows the users to identify the operational zones and the services provided in a particular area. The users can locate the nearby cook services in their location and can send the request as desired.
  • Multilingual: For expanding your business peripherals, adding a multilingual feature is a must. It will allow the users and the cooks to operate the app in their desired language. This way it gets easy for the users and the service providers to understand the solutions provided by your app.
  • Heat Map View:  Well, it can be said as one of the enhanced features of an On-demand cook finder mobile app. The heat map outlines the busiest time in one location plus also figures out the real-time locations of the cook thus enabling the users to make better decisions within a minimal time.
  • Customer Loyalty Program: This is a great way of attracting the users and provides them the reason to visit your app again. Well, the users get the rewards and discounts upon the successful referral or in case they are using your app services for a long time.

With these features and engaging elements, we affirm that the solutions that are being dropped to you stand ahead of your competition. We have been building strong solutions that affirm audience engagement and interaction.

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Technology Stack for Your Cook Finder App

For making a superior quality On-Demand cook finder mobile app it is must adhere to the right technical parameters. Implementing the latest and evolving technical standards will conserve a seat for your app ahead of the competitors in this hyper-competitive marketplace

  • Push Notifications  Twilio,
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments  Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • Database MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment AWS, Google, Azure
  • Real-time Analytics Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

For a well-defined cook finder app, we make sure that the results are highly rewarding and help you stand the competition in no time. With a well-defined hierarchy and engaging product, we promise you would be able to generate high ROI in quite a limited time.

How to proceed with App Development?

  • It is important to plan the entire process before embarking on the development procedures. Devise the approaches and all the related strategies from the very beginning so as to serve your clientele with the desired quality services.
  • All the corresponding market and user requirements should be planned and analyzed prior to processing for the app development. This will greatly help in determining the correct route for scheduling further processes.
  • Choose the considerable platform whether iOS or Android on which you want your On-demand cook finder mobile app to run upon. It is always suggested to start with one and later on, attributes can be added for making it more versatile.
  • Weigh all the associated risks and the cost that will be incurred. One of the major factors that will decide the cost of your app is its size and complexities. It is advised to hire Android and hire iphone app developers that are capable of crafting out superior quality mobile apps.
  • Once you have outlined the basic architecture of your On-demand cook finder mobile app, you can go ahead with the app prototype development. Ensure that all possible features of the cook finder app have been covered, so as to start with further development.
  • Smartly choose the app design such that it bolsters the reputation of your app. Develop an intuitive and interactive app interface for delivering a seamless user experience. Do not load the app with too many pictures, images, and text as that will confuse the user.
  • Once your app is ready, roll it over various testing tools and strategies.
  • You can embark with an MVP (minimum viable product) for understanding the weak and strong areas of your app.
  • Test your app for uncountable times
  • Finally, it’s time to deploy your app on the different app stores.

It is not just this. We affirm that in case you need any edits or modifications in the next seven days that would be attempted the right way. We make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you are designed with the intricacies of your business and are engaging.

We affirm that over the years we have moved a few steps ahead that would get you the best results in the market.

The Cost Estimation

For developing a robust and sophisticated On-demand cook finder mobile app, certainly, you need the best developers, testers, designers, and managers. Depending on different zones and the physical architecture of the mobile app development company, there is a huge variation in the per hour charges.

  • The U.S. based developers: $50 to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe based developers: $30 to $150 per hour
  • India based developers:  $10 to $80 per hour

Now depending on the app size, complexities, features and the outlined segments needs to be developed for engineering and On-demand cook finder mobile app

  • Technical documentation
  • UI/UX design
  • Front-end and Back-end development
  • MVP testing
  • Polishing and bug fixing

Calculating the above overhead charges incurred in developing the On-demand cook finder mobile app, the average cost for developing a reasonable app with limited features can cost up to $10,000 to $15,000 for a single platform and the charges can extend up to $25,000 in case, the app developed is feature-rich and is driven by high-quality standards.

The amount here is just an estimate of on demand app development cost. One can build interesting solutions and amazing results that would make it easier for them to get great results in no time.

Wrapping It Up!

Post-COVID era, we have seen the involvement of the digital transformation for the easiest and the most obvious tasks. Skyrocketing searches for on demand cook app development teams over the internet are a clear reflection of where we are heading.

If you are looking forward to building a solution that helps you make a strong presence in the digital domain, then you need to hire a team of professionals. Our mobile app development team, affirms the solutions are engaging and easy to navigate. We understand the working of these solutions and bring to the screen solutions that can make things easier is a complex process and needs technical excellence.

Our experts have delivered similar applications in the past and affirm the solutions that are dropped to you are interesting and engaging.

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