Developing a Car Wash Mobile Application in 2020

Growth is the agenda of all businesses and with technology gaining power across the globe, companies are now making a paradigm shift towards achieving the best. While all big brands are making sure to enter the app world, on-demand services are not behind. From offering home services like beauty, fitness, plumbing, etc., nowadays people have a lot of dependency on these mobile applications. One does have the time to make calls for making any reservations, however, they want their work done in just a few clicks.

Our lives have been made very easy and convenient with the help of smartphones. One does not have to step out of their house to avail of any service as all bookings are made remotely. Technology has grown leaps and bounds with the help of digitalization and coming of age technology.

If you think that car wash is something that might always need you to make prior phone bookings and standing in queues, then you are mistaken. There is no need for all this anymore. There are no more challenges to face anymore and you can simply download the best-rated on-demand car wash app to make a booking with the help of simple clicks and avail want is needed. The awareness around these apps has been spreading like a wildfire and many new players are following the footsteps of the existing apps that are already performing so well.

Revenue of car washes (NAICS 811192) in United States from 2008 to 2020 (in million U.S. dollars)


One of the most important products in one’s life, cars cannot be replaced with anything as it helps one to commute on a daily basis. One is always on a lookout for getting their cars cleaned. While you might just clean it from outside, who will do that for your car when it comes to vacuuming it from inside? Like you maintain and pamper other things that are important to you, your car also needs the same. One has to take of it and give it regular cleaning and vacuuming.

Types of Carwash Apps

Dedicated Apps:

This one is specifically for those who are already running a car wash business and want to excel further by entering the online domain through on-demand car wash app solution. Along with offering the services that they have already been giving to their customers, they have also left no stone unturned in personalizing the experience for the users. There are several benefits that one derives from these apps.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • The clients of the car wash service also become their app users. The app engages them even more by enhancing their experience.
  • The Return on Investment is efficient and one can see a constant growth in the same.
  • Clients get a timely delivery of the services offered by the car wash service providers.
  • In case of any changes in terms of rates or geographical location, the users are quickly intimidated via the push notifications.
  • There is a wide range of car wash options available for the users.


Aggregator Apps:

The platform of such applications is developed on the cost of the app owner. This is an on-demand service app listing several car wash service providers in an area. Users can have a look at all of them, compare their services and prices and book the one that suits their needs best, also that fits their budget.


How do on-demand car wash apps earn revenue?

If you are thinking of car wash app app development, you must be well aware of the ways they make money. If you’re not well aware of the business models of the same, it is about time you gear up and learn about them.

Following, we throw light upon some ways of generating revenue through these apps:

  • Sponsoring: To earn money, one has to sponsor other brands in the same industry on their app. Allowing them to have their name and banner on your app will help you generate a great deal of money.
  • Advertisements: All applications earn a good amount of revenue by displaying ads on their homepages and on-demand car wash app development are no exception. This is one of the most common business models for almost all apps.
  • Selling merchandise: Lastly, a car was service provider can also advertise their products on the app, if they are onto producing products like car wash shampoo, wax, gloves among other things.



Before starting off with anything else you must make sure the business approach you want for your app. Will it be B2B or B2C. This is the most important deciding factor as it shapes the future of any car wash app. Then comes the feature selection of the app.

Following are the features that are essentially required in the customer panel of the app:

  • Sign up/Login: The feature that is taken care of on priority, this lets the users make their own accounts on the app. The sign-up process should be easy and the app should be integrated with other social media platforms so that the user detail is collected directly from there. Also, the app should allow the user to save their credentials on their devices so that they don’t have to enter the details each time they login to their accounts.
  • Car wash packages: The loyal and returning customers should be able access the special customized packages (pertaining to rates mainly) that are offered by the service providers.
  • Choice of location: Since there are several car wash agencies in a city, the app enables the users to select the location of their choice. Also, it ensures the users of timely delivery from the nearest possible car wash center.
  • Option for multiple cars: The app does not limit the usage for the clients, as they can make bookings for multiple cars at the same time. This saves the users time and energy in making several bookings for multiple cars.

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  • Payments: Since everything is online, the app also has encrypted payment gateways for a cashless transaction. Users can simply make payment for the services availed either via credit or debit cards, or through any of the e-wallets they have registered themselves on.
  • Custom pricing: The users are allowed to opt for services they want making the experience more customized. Similarly, the prices can be charged according to the services availed.
  • Chat and calling: With an in built feature of making calls and chatting with the personnel at the car wash centre, the app eliminated the need of looking up for the number of the service providers, rather allowing them to coming in contact with them directly.
  • Loyalty programs: This is one of the most important features in a customer panel to maintain customers and gain their loyalty. The service providers should offer regular discounts and offers and customized services on special rates to maintain the trust of the loyal and potential customers.
  • Cost calculation: There are cases where the users hesitate in asking the price of the car was service and end up paying more than their budget. This feature puts an end to this worry and allows the users to have a better understanding of the amount they would have to pay after availing the services.
  • Ratings and reviews: One of the most important features for a car wash app that might have a direct impact on its current and potential customers, ratings help service providers take their business a notch higher. However, this might also work against the service providers as people might put negative reviews as well. Therefore, they should put their best foot forward while providing services.


Okowasch – Carwash app developed by Octal IT Solution

Further we are going to lay emphasis on the features that should be included in the technician app:

  • Login/Sign up: Like in the case of customer panel, this one too required a technician to go through the same registration procedure. It is very important for them to create their distinct accounts for users to come back for their services.
  • Accept/Reject a service: The car washing company has full authority to either accept or reject any query. This decision is affected mostly by the availability of staff and time.
  • View Status: The car was service providers have the authority to check the history of the cars that have been washed in a day, week or a month. The data is secured in the back-end of the app which is easily accessible to the technicians.
  • Payments: Post delivering their services, the service providers can then request for their timely dues.
  • Service location: Car washers can only take up requests for those who are in proximity, saving them time to commute from the requester’s place to the service center.

Now, let’s see what all features are required in an admin panel:

  • Managing the registrations of the technicians or the car wash service providers.
  • Managing the payments made by all users through the payment gateways of the application.
  • Thirdly, the admin can have a real-time look at the analytics, thereby controlling all bookings.
  • All the discounts and offers are shared with the loyal customers through push notifications.
  • The admin is the middleman that connects the users with the car wash agencies.

Summing up

Are you planning to invest money in an on-demand car wash app development service? If yes, you must do it now as the year 2020 if going to carve a path for several new applications in the same industry with competing and compelling features. Each one is going to outshine the others; therefore, you must be very sure of the car wash app development team you would want to hire for the entire development process.

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