CakePHP – Three Reasons to Use It over Other Frameworks

CakePHP has been a top name in open source PHP frameworks throughout. It has tugged more than a million web applications to date and still growing in its offerings to produce eminent solutions.

CakePHP, as defined by experts, is one of the most eligible MVC frameworks available today with three unbeatable features. All three features are a must in a web development framework and CakePHP does it with utter ease and keeps them available in best shape.

The first one is the Powerful Association between Models. Cake has links between the tables managed through associations that form a connection between related logic units. These associations are well-defined to match any competence requirement for processing queries and attend and level of need. The moment models are called they would fetch the information and establish a relationship between the model arrays and bring them together in a logical sequence in the flash of moments.

Compared to other frameworks like Zend, Symfony and YII it would provide you more substance in terms of security against malicious and errant requests. Stringent Security Component available with Cake smartly handles the queries for controller actions. It will straightaway trash the query if it does not fall in the range of validation parameter. Its authentication actions and other tracing policies, automatically reports the system of the unsolicited request and shields the process from any threats and irregularities.

Finally, the perceptive scaffolding feature in CakePHP allows the developer to enjoy the whole act of initializing and getting-started most lovingly. The scaffolding feature is just out-of-the-box in Cake making developers get the kick-start forms, analyzed database tables, standard lists and the whole environment that is necessary for the developers to settle-up and hold it right.

These features make CakePHP a framework not just liked by the developers but also something recommended by the domain experts. Also with its continuous up-gradation and planned development it emphasizes more on its authenticity as an MVC framework and reinforces the fact of being the first-order PHP development facility. For More Information about Cakephp Application Development and Hire Cakephp Developer Please Visit


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