Blackberry has been one of the first providers of smart phones. It was the gadget that showed and taught the world how to use a smart phone for that matter.The Canadian Mobile giant has been planning to take the legacy further

by introducing the all new Blackberry 10 OS for the newer and smarter user experience.
Facing a tough competition by the leading operating systems like iOS (Apple) and Android (Google), made it a clinch for Blackberry to be more appealing and eventful in its offerings to the developers and users.
But fortunately, it’s a safe landing for BB! It has already marked its presence on the board by setting a debutant record adding 70,000 odd apps to its mega outlet – the Blackberry World. Blackberry10 platform is different to its ancestors as it has come up with more development friendly options. It has provided the developers with the ability to repackage the existing Android apps and allows them to use CSS, Java Script, Adobe Air and HTML 5 for developing apps besides the native development platform.
Top developers around the world who have been consistently following the Blackberry development say that there is a lot of potential in Blackberry10. They have seen Blackberry making efforts in past too to bring itself out to the top position but never so happened as the other players were evidently too much in limelight.
It waited and consistently worked to strike a cord with the audience. It worked long time enhancing its capacity and devising more authentic and likable developer tools. The latest OS is the result of the most thoughtful and streamlined development brought by the Blackberry team for helping the users gets exactly the value they look for.
Blackberry10 development is their best leap towards the app development technology. With the inception of its advanced OS Blackberry claims that here onwards it is going to be a beginning of new era for Blackberry application development.
Though they are mostly targeting the development breed for using and bringing the new OS alive in the application arena, but they are equally being courteous towards the end-users by adding plentiful of app variety to their store.
Blackberry10 development is helping developers with the most advanced system of development. The responsive Cascading development framework of BB 10 is highly easy to learn and apply for the developers – making it easy and fast for the apps to approach and get developed.
“The Blackberry 10 is distinctively evolved to the earlier versions. It’s easy to pick and really great to work with. The seamless integration of Blackberry social platform is making it further more compelling and benefiting. Also, developing PicStory application is far easy to be developed on Blackberry10.” says an early adopter of the technology in his recent article.
The extensive library and sample apps available makes it a different experience altogether to develop apps on the BB10 OS. It has made the Blackberry app development looked upon with more serious and keen expectations. Blackberry10 has resulted as a great way of approaching people and marking its significant presence in the world of smart phone apps.
Finally, this would certainly have a push-pull effect on the popularity of the device and the new operating system. It’s apparent with its approach that Blackberry wants to set an overall perform benchmark in the segment of app development through its streamlines and well-appointed approach.
Also with the promising take-off like this and the overwhelming initial acceptance we are going to see much more from the Blackberry development zone in the approaching times. You can more options to hire a blackberry developer and enjoy more penetrating benefits from your app development endeavors. With a more liked and followed OS it will gain developer’s attention and it will be bringing more benefits to you in terms of ROI and you would save more on cost.

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