2016 is around the corner and we are sure that many of you are all set to celebrate it by purchasing new gadgets, especially smartphones that are the inseparable part of individuals these days. It is also the best option for gifting. Therefore, whatsoever your reason is, a smartphone emerges as the savior in the indecisive situation. Now, with the availability of a plethora of smartphones with different tags in the market, the buyers really have a tough time to make a choice and this creates great confusion for them. With our extensive research, we have brought a list of the best smartphones that are going to create a buzz in the tech arena and let the users have a great experience.

Best Smartphones to Grab in 2016

Motorola Moto X (2016)
In 2015 July, Motorola made an announcement to bring three Moto X devices; however, the rumors for the successor are flying around.  Wapvnet.ifeng.com, a popular Chinese gadget news and review website, broadcasted this news with the credit to an anonymous source. Although this can be considered a premature leak as in August-September Moto X handsets were rolled out by Motorola, this has really alarmed the rest of the manufacturers and they too have plunged into the competition. Going by the picture posted on wapvnet, the phone displays a new design with a full metal unibody, a raised up camera, drilled speaker holes separated into two parts, probably for stereo sound. Moreover, the site claims that the new X will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU.
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OnePlus 3
The rumors of the launch of OnePlus 2 in July pocketed a lot of news while we have witnessed only one device from OnePlus christened as OnePlus X only. Surprisingly, the speculations for the next OnePlus 3 phone have stunned everyone. As per the rumors, this device features a Full HD display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip. The news does not give any sign for the fingerprint sensors, but we consider it unlikely. Apart from this, the new model will resemble the same as the old one in terms of design.
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Samsung Galaxy S7
The rumors about one of the big players, Samsung and it’s Galaxy S7 already hit the cycle. The exclusive update from ITSKINS claims that the base Galaxy S7 will have a flat 5.1-inch screen without any curve in the body. On the other hand, the Galaxy S7 edge will feature a bigger 5.5-inch screen. Surprisingly, Samsung showed no interest in the flat-screened S7 of that size. The Galaxy S7+ will definitely satiate the big screen lovers’ expectations with a screen size of 6 inch and this large version will also have the curved screen to perfectly match their quotient.
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HTC One M10
After having a tough time with its M9 this year, HTC is planning to roll out its One M10 loaded with an AMOLED display, fingerprint scanner, an improved camera and a lighter body than we have experienced in the previous versions. It is expected to hit the market on the eve of MWC 2016.
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Apple iPhone 6C
The rumors have been circulating about Apple’s new iPhone 6C, which will be an updated version of the already sold 5S and 5C and it will likely replace these two. It might take over the current features of these phones along with some features of the iPhone 6 including Apple Pay support. Also, the existing colorful body may keep on stylizing its aura.
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Besides, there are some other devices from small and big brands like BlackBerry Vienna, the first Android handset from the maker, Apple iPhone 7, Microsoft Surface Phone, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Premium, Next Robin, Acer Predator 6, Google Project Ara, Sony Xperia Z6 and so on are going to win the hearts of the buyers in 2016. The best part is that the buyers will have a huge variety in every segment and picking up one out of the crowd will be challenging for them.

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