Whats the best food delivery app? How do food restaurants get their fill? How do they achieve a dignified position in this neck-cut and complex ecosystem? When looking into the current situation we have come to know that the food industry is flooded with a pile of food delivery apps, but only some are working on a structured method to target potential people and acquire large revenue. 

In this blog, we will discuss the best food delivery apps in 2023. These are the cheapest food delivery apps that are popular in the whole world.

Food Delivery App in Times of COVID

In the 2020 pandemic, many industries failed to survive but the food industry is one industry which adapted to the new normal. During the COVID pandemic, delivery is the only lifeline, and so the food industry cant face many differences of randomness and uncertain conditions. The industry has successfully filled the appetite of users, shifting the limited ecosystem to a more driving resource. And so the industry is just doubled in revenues than any other industry during the tough time. Keep reading this blog to know which food delivery app is best.

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The Present-Day Scenario

Which food ordering app is the best is marked as a big question. In the recent survey from ISLR, it is found that not every big app is winning the hearts of customers. A food delivery app with better paying for delivery boys, with better hospitality and lower commissions to restaurants, can return their customers. 

The concept of ghost kitchen and dark kitchen is the new edition in the territory of food apps. Big tech delivery apps like Amazon and Doordash do this on a mega-scale. 

For more favorable options in the list, today we have come up with simplified options which help you to have quick food options; based on their reviews, specifications, and reasons to buy. Even if you are an Android or iOS platform user, you do not have to worry about the platform dependencies. 

best app for food delivery

So let’s get started with the food industry and its applications.

The Market for Food Delivery Apps in 2023

The global market of food delivery mobile apps surges with huge revenue stats in 2023. It was valued at $67k Million in 2020 and is projected to reach $62.8k Million by 2030. This market has suspected great annual growth of 25% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2030. 

With the high-end internet penetration, many new players with their best food delivery apps come inside the market. The top key market players are Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, Zomato, and many more. China is the leading country with revenue of $27B in 2021, contributing the largest part to the food delivery app worldwide. 

So forth it is time to discuss the in-depth best food delivery apps. 

So, Let’s begin!

Best Food Delivery Apps in 2023: List of Best App For Food Delivery

We often see that users have found different experiences on the platform. Sometimes the food delivery man comes too late, while sometimes the quality of food is bad, not much variety or not to our expectations. If users can’t get what they want, this would cause a real threat to the productivity and quality structure of the restaurant. 

You as a consumer don’t want to wait at your hungry time or do not want to eat at a foul eatery. To picturesque your every problem, we have here arranged a full list of a variety of food delivery applications, defined by the quality of services and top-class food taste.  Below is the list of the best app for food delivery.

1. Grubhub: Restaurant food delivery and take out

Grubhub: best food delivery app to work for


Let’s talk about the top on the list, Grubhub. Talking about food and not about Grubhub is not understandable. There is no reason for us to deny its importance. We all have food cravings right at the office, with a bunch of people, or at some miserable. Grubhub is the food platform that understands all of our requirements and taste and delivers the food right on the table. if you are looking at which food delivery app pays the best then Grubhub is the answer.

The top food delivery apps like Grubhub give us a smooth interface to use and find the best food, cutlery, beverages, and whatnot at the nearest possible place. With the fine menu, you can simply check every restaurant, and for detail just click and tap on your favorite meal. And place your first order from the best app for food delivery

You can place your order and get it to your doorstep. Grubhub charges you a small fee for your deliveries and for the rest, you need not worry about anything.

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Grubhub is best for:

  • With more than 2M orders, Grubhub is surely a solid food alternative medium for you. 
  • Get the order done with the lowest delivery rate of $9.99 a month. You can find the maximum range of food varieties here. 
  • Grubhub is for both local and national chains.
  • It supports high-end payment integration. 

2. Doordash: Food delivery and takeout

Doordash: best food delivery apps


Doordash is the best food delivery service app that has a complete package of wholesome meals, cuisines, fast food, beverages, and a list of everything on its platform. Its excellent search engine recommended you all kinds of dishes just with a click. Here you can get orders from local and national customers. Under the review section, users get quick info about specific meals they want to try. if you ask whats the cheapest food delivery app then we can sayDoordash is the top app.

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For their new and first-time customers, Doordash allows them with 20% discount with free delivery. At the time of order placed, you can mention, where you would want your food to leave. Mention the place and order. No worries about the delivery. You get complete tracking of food delivery time and route to get your food available at your place. So just relax and have your meal.  what is the best food delivery app to use then Doordash is here.

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Doordash is best for:

  • It serves local and national chain stops.
  • Get the most augmented rating system for meal quality. 
  • Compressed your food genre specific to your taste.
  • If you have subscribed to a monthly pass you can minimize your delivery charges and taxes. 

3. Uber Eats: One-stop order your food

Uber Eats: best food delivery app


One thing we can’t deny about the UberEats is its cheap food deliveries. Many food chains we have sooner or later come across, but Uber Eats among all, has won a special place in our hearts. This is the reason for its success and our love for it. Uber Eats with its unique features and services, has always been admirable for the local restaurants. When you look at the Uber Eats app, you would find wide local restro entries with minimal and under-budget food belongings. That could be insane! Ain’t it? 

Uber Eats provides you with a map facility to track your latest order in real-time. Think about Uber and its fast service worldwide, the same way you get food deliveries at your doorstep.

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Uber Eats is best for:

  • Get the cheap cuisines, dishes, beverages, and alcohol just with a minimum fee of $2 for orders below $15. 
  • Known for its worldwide reach 
  • It supports multiple payment channels for hassle-free payments.
  • Track your order within the map and get the food without any delivery charges in case you are new. 
  • Uber Eats offers eat passes to give more eateries to the hunger buddies. 

4. Postmates: Food delivery groceries and alcohol 

Postmates: whats the best food delivery app

 Hunger at night or craving in the mid-day; Postmates is serve you round the clock time. Although it is a little high on the cost platform Postmates understands the taste and need of their dear customers, so offer them a full package of varieties without any elimination. So people now need not think about what to order and how to order. Just open the app, and get access to thousands of food options to choose from. 

This best food ordering app welcomes local eateries and food vendors to deal best orders for the customers. Now users need not go in a rush and any hassle of when will the order be delivered. The real-time tracker in the platform makes everything smooth for us. 

The service pack starts from $9.99 per month and for the small order, you get it for just $1.9. Today, Postmates is not only niche to food, but it has also transformed into a multi-source platform that included items from pizza, burgers, groceries, and many more. 

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Postmates is best for:

  • Get placed the orders 24*7.
  • Order from wide varieties.
  • Get the order in the busy hours with a fine surge amount.
  • New users access the app free for 7 days trial and order anywhere. 

5. Instacart: Grocery delivery and pickup of food from nearby stores

Instacart: best paying food delivery app

Only food is not enough. Sometimes we are in a mood to prepare some instant meal for us and don’t want to wait either. We wish to eat our hand’s food. We welcome some friends at dining and throw some Maggi party without any special dress to wear, just pajamas. To avoid any trouble we plan to list some groceries and beverages to buy early. Rather than going out to the nearest local store or supermarket, isn’t it nice to have a local store at our home? I mean we can order the groceries or snacks from any best delivery apps and prepare Maggi instantly. If you are interested to search for the best food delivery app los Angeles then explore our blog.

So you get a quick idea of what Instacart is all about. Yes, it is about groceries and meals. Explore the full list of fast food and groceries with a few bugs as order charges. To get fast deliveries, pay a few more bugs and get it instantly.

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Instacart is best for:

  • Complete the list of groceries and nearby stores you can access here.
  • Order fast deliveries with Instacart Express just for $3.99 per month. 
  • You can get the delivery on the same day. 
  • There is no hidden membership fee. 

6. Seamless: Food delivery and restaurants at the doorstep

Seamless: best food delivery app nyc

 It is another alternative to Grubhub, which comes with a whole new concept of food and deliveries. In Seamless, you get a wide variety of food, groceries, and fresh cuisines, and explore more options on apps to order food on your smartphone. You can opt for the contact-free delivery option in case you want to avoid any haphazard from the outsider. Users can schedule the time they want to pick up their meals. 

Seamless have better coverages along with the nation and outside too. In the US alone it gets 5M users inspired by its fast delivery and superlative interface. You can customer assistant at the time you get stuck in the middle or want to order the best eatery for your people. 

As the name refers, Seamless is confined with the real-time automated engine which saves your last food interest and order in it and can place it for you the next time in case you are hard on time. We would suggest you opt for premium membership for any hurry and ultrafast deliveries.

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Seamless is best for:

  • You get a hell lot of services and restaurants integrated with its platform. 
  • Never compromise for the taste. Place multiple orders and forget about the deliveries and taste, because you will get the best taste for sure. 
  • Situated in 4k+ cities alone in the US, shows us its insane reach on the big and small food retailers. 
  • Get access to seamless membership to avoid any delivery fee, with a price of $9.99 a month. Brat your deal today!

7. Chownow: Focus on Local Food 

Chownow: what is the best food delivery app


The main theme of Chownow is how to focus on local restaurants and cut down the hidden cost from giants. It is a platform handy with their services and promotes locals without entertaining the big food chains. If you are a small local shop vendor and want to place your store on a reputed platform, Chownow would be a better place for you. 

Chownow is a platform letting you freely connect with your local food place, and avoid any hidden cost in the name of fancy deals and promotions. Here they will take your food to your choice of place without any extra cost. It runs on a super cumulative idea where every resource gets mutually enjoys success with it. As a bonus for customers, they admire these best food delivery apps to work for and try out new food dishes and meals at the locals, plus save some extra bugs. Isn’t it a great idea? Yes, it is. 

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Chownow is best for:

  • Commission-free food deliveries right at your doorstep without any hidden bugs.
  • Taste the food that fills not only our stomachs but our hearts too. Local food is the best to explore the option. 
  • There are no hidden fees, get fresh food without any extra cost. 
  • It is the best platform to promote local food. The best option for local eateries. 
Food Delivery App Development Company

8. Zomato: (best-paying food delivery app)

Zomato: best food delivery app los angeles

 Now comes the most obvious and one of the most popular food delivery apps; Zomato. We can’t forget how amazingly Zomato served our craving wishes right at our doorstep, anytime. Zomato is primarily stated in India and now has expanded its reach globally. This is one of the best-paying food delivery apps.

In the real essence, we can call just one word for Zomato, and that is ‘desi’. There are times we all have cravings for something like ‘desi food’ or ‘desi desserts’. Haven’t you felt the same? The time our empty stomach only got cravings for something ‘desi’, and we are short to get instant access. For that time, Zomato is our real friend cum restro delivery app. If you look at what food delivery app takes cash then all are favourite.

You get the entire food delivery category to access and order. For health-conscious people, Zomato always takes care of your comfort, it can’t ignore the taste of health. It is one of the Indian food delivery icons which has crossed successfully the mark of 100M+ users. And not to forget its iconic punch lines fed into our emails each day, good to start with fresh mornings!

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Zomato is best for:

  • Have you heard the phrase “taste bhi health bhi”? Yes, you got it right! Zomato is truly uncanny in this line and its meaning. You get the best and most fresh arrivals every day.
  • Rating score is functional and broad the user’s experience to feel the quality of the food on the platter. 
  • Get food in 30 minutes or free. The idea behind this is to serve people with most of the taste. 
  • Minimum delivery rates as per the locations.  You can also check out the best food delivery app in NYC on our website.

9. GoPuff: food, alcohol, snacks – everything at the doorstep

GoPuff: what is the best food delivery app

 GoPuff has accessed over 170 areas, since its birth. You can install this one of the best food apps on your smartphone for every food essential and delivery. The platform is occupied with vast categories of apps including food, groceries, snacks, ice cream, alcohol, and medicine cleaning supplies. In the covid time, people find it unsafe to go outside. But in case of urgency, GoPuff would surely be the best option to fill their demands. If you search which food delivery app pays the most then Gopuff will be most demanding.

GoPuff is occupied with more than 2000 categories. You can order any food of your choice with free delivery for premium members while others just have to pay $2 as a convenience.

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GoPuff is best for:

  • The best thing about GoPuff is you get a complete range of products displayed on the platform. Order anything like groceries, home essentials, beverages, etc. 
  • The membership package starts at $5.95/month.
  • During peak hours, you will access the flat price of items. 

10. Delivery.com: Food, beverage, alcohol, & grocery 

which food delivery app is best

Delivery.com is the place that inspires you with its internal looks and responsive navigation. If users are stuck in the middle while navigating and shortlisting food items, they will lose interest and quit your app. So keeping everything subtle and functional makes the whole difference. 

So does delivery.com keeps the head of everything? You get full access to the local restaurant, alcohol, or grocery stores, and get a customized meal with hundreds of options at the time being. This platform has no limits. You get services rolling in from every corner. 

One interesting feature you have found in the platform i.e. splitting your orders. Isn’t it fun? When we are short on money we can quickly share our order pay with someone whom we trust, and get the instant payment done in a while. This option makes us more connected and supportive to our family and close ones, and that idea is probably very likable amongst the youth. 

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Delivery.com is best for:

  • Best known for all-purpose service delivery options. 
  • Users avail of huge discounts from the best food apps with rewards programs just freely. 
  • Users access the great compiled list of laundry, groceries, and liquor instantly. 

11. Caviar: Alternative for your Food Delivery and Takeout option

Caviar: which food delivery app pays the best

 One thing in common between online food ordering apps Caviar and Chownow both focus on local restaurants. Caviar offers you to place your favorite eatery in hand or contact-free. The app has a self-location tracking feature, which helps you once you order any meal. Turn on the GPS and get access to the real-time location of the delivery person. Look around and tell us what food delivery app is most popular in my area.

The app is aligned with several in-app promotional foods, which helps the new local vendors to get instant traffic and run their services on this platform. 

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Caviar is best for:

  • App focussed on local eateries rather than the fast-food concept.
  • Situated in 28 cities in the US.
  • Track the deliveries in real-time. 

Where to Pick?

If you have reached this point in the blog, so I think you now better understand what best food delivery app exists in the marketplace. Choose a platform that has curated and good options like on-time delivery, services, real-time tracking, hygiene, rating score, food variety, and many more. It is important to consider the fees and any hidden charges is there any? What special qualities and services does the platform cater to you? We hope your question what is the best food delivery app would be resolved here.

Final Words

Top food delivery apps are believed to offer contact-free deliveries for every member. If users love and like the platform get instant access with the premium membership and reduce their extra bugs on deliveries. We have

You know better about your choices and visit the best one as per your choice. In case you want to start your platform and serve specific niches to the customers, this is a good way to start food delivery app development. We can help you out on this journey. Visit our support experts for more details. We would love to be your app assistance partner.

what is the best food delivery app to use

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