Every dog owner, especially working pet parents, will want the services of a dog sitter and a dog walker at some point in their lives. As most families plan their travels during the summer and winter vacations, the demand for dog walking apps, dog sitters, and dog walkers is at its peak.

What is a dog-walking mobile app?

Before we discuss the best dog-walking apps, Let’s understand what a dog-walking app is. Dog Walkers apps make the lives of dog walkers and dog owners easier and more convenient. Apps for dog sitting and dog walking connect you with many people willing to do dog walker jobs and help you with your pet. Owners of dogs can read the reviews and select the one that best meets their needs.

Dog Walker mobile apps are a forum for pet parents and walkers to connect. To put it another way, they’re like Uber for dogs. Pet parents can use the app to arrange dog walks and pay the dog walkers once the dog has returned from his stroll.

Furthermore, most of these applications aren’t just for dog walks. They also provide pet sitting and drop-in visits for dogs who do not require a walk but require a bathroom break.

For pet owners, that means it’s easier than ever to find a dog walker to take their pup for a quick constitutional visit. A slew of dog walker apps have been released in recent years, but not all of them are extremely suitable.

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How does a dog-walk mobile app work?

Almost every dog owner, specifically working dog parents, requires the services of a dog walker or a dog sitter. The demand for these professionals peaks during the winter and summer vacations, as this is when most families take vacations.

Dog walker applications are useful since they provide convenience to dog owners and dog walkers. These apps help a large number of people who are willing to give pet-care services by doing dog walker jobs.

Dog owners only need to read the reviews and choose the one that best meets their needs. These apps also allow users to select a dog walker in their immediate neighborhood and pay securely.

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Top Dog Walk Mobile Apps for Android and IOS.

Sr. No.Application NameAvailable OnPricingPublisher
1RoverAndroid |iOSFreeRover.com
2PawayAndroid |iOSFreePaway
3Wag!Android |iOSFreeWag Labs, Inc.
4PetbackerAndroid |iOSFreePet Backer |
5PawshakeAndroid |iOSFreePawshake, Inc.
6DoTimelyAndroid |iOSFreeDoTimely
7Fetch!Android |iOSFreeFetch! Pet Care, Inc.
8Barkly PetsAndroid |iOSFreePet Services Technologies LLC
9AmikoAndroid |iOSFreeFoxtastic SRL
10DogHeroAndroid |iOSFreePetlove IT

1. Rover: Dog Walking and Boarding

Best Dog Walking App

Rover dog walker is a popular dog-walking application for Android and iOS devices. It comes with a number of useful features that make it easy for the customer to relax while using the service.

The rover dog walker also updates the dog’s owner with pictures of his pet. It also has GPS tracking, so the parents can keep track of their dog-child. The user can also send messages to the dog sitters.

To utilize the service, begin by entering your location and specifying the services you require and when you require them. Single visits or recurrent daily or weekly services are provided for dog walking and childcare.

After you answer questions about your puppy’s weight and age, the pet-sitting app will then create a list of possible dog walkers in your area along with the beginning pricing for their services. Single strolls typically cost $15 to $40, and consumers can read reviews, look at profile images, and read brief biographies for each potential caregiver.

Download for Android and iPhone.

2. Paway: One of the top dog walk app

Top Dog walk App

Paway, a free dog-walking mobile app, connects users with a supportive parent community and professional dog walkers. They’re constantly ready to give real-time safety alerts and tips to keep pups safe.

Because it comes with a variety of useful functions, using such a dog sitter app will provide you with a stress-free and joyful experience.

Download for Android and iPhone.

3. Wag!

Top Dog Walk App

Wag dog walker, a prominent Silicon Valley-based app for pet parents, delivers trustworthy pet care services such as vet care, dog walking, and pet sitting. The app’s global service allows users to book pet care in their immediate region easily.

Busy parents can choose from this app’s two dog-walking models: Picky Pooch for shy dogs and Friendly Furball for friendly canines.

Wag! makes your pup’s whereabouts available in real-time on the app, and owners can expect restroom updates, photos, and a report card after the visit, regardless of who’s carrying the leash.

Wag! offers more than just walking; it provides overnight sitting, drop-ins, boarding, and childcare. Is there a bonus? The Wag Walker app helps shelter dogs nationwide by donating a portion of its revenues to GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank.

Download for Androi and iPhone.

4. Petbacker: Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Boarding

Petbacker - Dog Walker Mobile App

Arguably the best walking app, Petbacker makes it simple for pet owners to connect with their pet sitters, dog walkers, and groomers. This great tool allows dog owners to locate local pet care businesses and communities to look after their dogs and other pets while away.

You may share the joys of your pups with your family and friends by hiring a reliable pet walker or pet sitter using this dog sit app. You can also join a pet-loving group and share anything interesting about your pets.

A report card with a map of the walk, a bathroom record, food and water information, and a photo is sent after the walk to provide important information regarding your pet’s care.

Petbacker also offers grooming, boarding, taxi services, and walks. And frequent users profit greatly: Each new member is automatically enrolled in Petbacker’s Royalty Rewards program, which offers more discounts as you spend more.

Download for Android and iPhone.

5. Pawshake: Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Dog Boarding

Pawshake - Pet Sitting App

Pawshake, one of the top dog walk applications, links dog owners with dog walkers all over the world. You can read reviews from millions of parents who praise reliable dog walkers and their pet care services.

App Specifications

  • The app provides extensive pet sitter profiles, which include a bio, experience, and credentials.
  • There are no subscription costs for contact and meet and greets.
  • To assist other pet owners in choosing a wonderful sitter, read and leave reviews.
  • Your pet sitter will provide daily updates.
  • The “Pawshake Guarantee,” which includes free veterinarian coverage, applies to all bookings made on Pawshake.
  • Sitters will only be paid after the booking is completed for increased protection.

Download for Android and iPhone.

6. DoTimely: Pet Sitting and Walking

DoTimely - Dog Sitting Mobile App

The pet-care service is an interesting business concept. The DoTimely app is the appropriate solution if you want to be a part of this market and run your pet company. This program helps with dog walking, pet sitting, and dog grooming company scheduling and billing.

Download for Android and iPhone.

7. Fetch!: Pet Care

Fetch - Top dog sitting app

Fetch!, a dog walk app, has a number of functions, including real-time tracking of the dog’s location, photo sharing, report cards, and more. Above all, this software aids with the feeding of local shelter dogs.

Fetch!, a popular dog-sitting app, is a professional pet care service that provides high-quality pet care. Every pet sitter has undergone training and a background check.

Owners may expect calls, texts, and a post-sitting report card to keep them updated on their pup’s care in real-time after a scheduled walk begins. Each sitter or walker is background verified and insured, and the company reserves a “back-up” sitter for every reservation so you can always count on getting your dog a walk when they need it.

Download for Android and iPhone.

8. Barkly Pets: Dog Walkers’ App

Barkly Pets - Dog Walker App

Barkly Pets makes finding a skilled dog walker in your neighborhood easy. This pet sitter app is designed specifically for parents and is perfect for arranging daily walks with the same dog sitter every day.

Barkley Pet is the best option if your pet requires something unique or is shy. Every walker in our app has their background checked to ensure they can meet your high standards. Before booking, the customer can plan free meetings with local walkers if necessary.

The cost of a thirty-minute walk varies by region and ranges from $15 to $22, with an additional $5 charge for each additional pet. A one-hour walk will set you back at roughly $30. Barkly gives each dog walker in-person training, and owners can choose from a list of profiles or have one allocated to them by the firm.

The hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and walkers will follow a personalized checklist created by the owner, which includes favorite toys, prescriptions, and special remarks for each dog. Owners may also follow along via the iOS and Android applications, which deliver photographs and updates throughout the trip.

Download for Android and iPhone.

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9. Amiko: Dog Walk Tracker

Amiko - Dog Walker App

It’s basic software with a lot of interesting features that help make strolling more joyful for your dog kid.

This dog walking software allows users to save and review their walks, including the length, distance, and duration. If you enjoy taking pictures, you can take a picture of your pet and share it with your friends and family.

Download for Android and iPhone.

10. DogHero: Dog Sitters and Walkers

DogHero - Dog Sitters App

Adopting a puppy can be a difficult task. DogHero is one of the most popular dog sitting apps designed to make your work as a parent easier, primarily for dog sitting and dog walking services.

Using DogHero’s service, you can track your dog’s stroll in real-time using the app. Additionally, the app user will be able to locate possible dog walkers in their area and read client reviews before scheduling. They will also have access to a secure payment mechanism via the DogHero app.

Download for Android and iPhone.

How much do dog walking services cost?

Prices for dog walking range from $10 to $60, depending on where you live, with the majority of pet owners spending $15 to $25 per walk. If you don’t mind your dog walking with other dogs, you can get a discount of $5 to $10.

Some dog walkers don’t charge more if you have many dogs, while others charge half the price for the second dog. Dog walkers often charge $30 to $60 per hour, however, they rarely walk dogs for an hour, opting instead for 20- or 30-minute walks.

For prices starting at $10 per walk, you can sometimes find dog walkers eager to walk your dog for less than more experienced walkers in order to earn reviews on their website.

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Does my dog require professional dog walking?

Hiring a dog walker can benefit both your pet and you. Pets, like humans, require frequent and consistent exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that 54 percent of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight. Walking gives your dog the exercise he or she requires while stimulating his or her senses.

When you take your dog on a walk, he or she gets to see, smell, feel, and hear various new and exciting things. A tired dog is simply a good dog. Regular walks help your dog discharge extra energy, which leads to calmer behavior at home.

Your dog will be less likely to bark, chew, bite, or use the potty indoors if you take him on frequent, long walks. While hiring a dog walker, you can rest assured that your dog is adequately cared for even when you are not home.

If you hire a daily dog walker, you won’t have to worry as much if you have to stay late for work or if your dog doesn’t “finish” when you take them out in the morning.

How to choose the best dog-walking app?

While we have had positive encounters with these pet sitting apps, we are aware of numerous failures. Many internet dog walkers are inexperienced, unlicensed, and unprofessional.

They got into this field because they love animals, yet a lack of knowledge, experience, CPR, and First Aid training could lead to complicated and heartbreaking situations.

Choose dog walkers with a lengthy history of great ratings and review your expectations with them in detail to ensure they understand.

We also urge that you meet the walker before entrusting them with your pet to ensure that you are comfortable with them, their schedule, and so on.

If you’re worried about your pet being looked for by someone who isn’t certified or bonded, look through your local listings for someone who better fits your needs. If you are interested to develop iPhone app then hire our dedicated developers.

Why do people need a dog-walking app?

Even if they don’t have time, a dog walking and sitting app makes it easy for dog owners to maintain their favorite pets healthy, active, and vivacious. It also links dogs and dog lovers via a user-friendly mobile app platform.

On-demand dog sitter apps can make life much easier for busy pet owners who otherwise struggle to find time for their favorite canine.

These apps, like on-demand dog sitter apps, answer a frequent challenge for dog owners who want to provide their pets with the greatest care while managing their work and social life.


The online business of hiring a dog walker has shown great hype among pet lovers and the ones who can not give enough time to their pets.

The amazing applications on our mobile phones allow us to have a dog walker just a tap away and we do not need to worry further about our dog’s requirements, even when we are busy.

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