Best Apps To Save Money on Groceries

***And You Get a Cash Back of $5 on your Purchase***

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These are some of the most traditional ways of marketing that still dominate the market. Who doesn’t feel proud of that extra saving during the bargain or on the cashback? But not all stores or shops offer you rewards.

Sad no!

Well, no worries, if you are looking for all your luxuries in mobile applications why not for your savings? We share here a list of applications that can help you save on your next shopping spree and pump you up for the next one!

Best Apps To Save Money on Groceries


* Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 1 Million+
* Published by: SavingStar

Don’t you want to clip coupons and still want to make some money from your purchase? Well, then this application is curated only for you. The application has collaborated with various retail locations and lets you earn good cashback from your grocery purchase.

With this application, you can actually save a lot in a hassle-free process. The app is easy to use. All you need to do is simply scan the loyalty cards at the partner store and you can redeem the offers after the checkout process. If you do not want to invest in getting a card, you can simply scan your receipt and get the cashback directly to the linked bank account or PayPal account.

Not many applications let you use the reward points outside the application. This application lets you cash out the rewards to your accounts directly.

  * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 500,000+
* Published by:

Another application that users around the world love to use. The money saved via cashback and discounts is the real happiness. In their recent update, you can use your reward cards to scan the deals. This makes it quite convenient for you to get the coupon discount that can be seen on your receipt. Thus, clipping isn’t required here and you can check even for more coupons in their new section.

Along with this the application has partnered with some of the top retailers and offers coupons that can be used for shopping centers.


 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 1 Million+
* Published by: Dosh

Dosh is one of the applications that offers you discounts and cashbacks on your credit and debit cards. Thus, you need not choose any reward or coupon beforehand. The application would calculate the cashbacks based on your expenditure once you link your cards with your Dosh account.

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The application isn’t available only for grocery stories, it also partners with multiple fast-food chains, cosmetics brands, clothing stores, and whatnot. Not just this, the application is in its full bloom and is adding new partners regularly. Thus, no matter what purchase you make, you get some cashback!


 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 1 Million+
* Published by: ReceiptHog

Buying groceries is a part of the weekend routine for most of us. How amazing would it be if you get a cashback for all the purchases that you make? Well, reciepthog lets you save on your grocery purchase and gives you a chance to earn cashback as you complete their surveys, grow to higher levels, etc. With an in-app camera, you can share your bill and get rewards. The points or rewards that you collect can easily be collected with your Paypal account or Amazon Pay Balance.

You can connect with other users and figure out more ways to earn better.

Grocery IQ

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 100,000+
* Published by: Grocery IQ

This app, which works similarly to the Food on the Table app, boasts of having one of the largest grocery store databases. It allows you to look for the goods you’re looking for. It also directs customers to select businesses where they can find the things they’re looking for at the greatest price.

Simply input your reward card number, and the coupons will appear on the screen, which you may only use at the register.

Fetch Rewards

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 10 Million+
* Published by: Fetch Rewards

To earn points from the application, all you need to do is simply scan your bill and earn points on your purchase.

Sounds like a deal?

Well, it is. You get the best cashback rewards when you share your bill over the application. This is one of the best applications to offer coupons and discounts when buying groceries.

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Not just this, as you add pictures of your receipts you can choose the offers designed specifically for you. The application offers discounts on products like dairy, alcohol, food items, etc.

Coin Out

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 500,000+
* Published by: CoinOut

Another name on the list, designed to help you make great profits. To make sure the application helps you save a lot all you need to do is simply click pictures of the receipt.

The application is quite convenient to use and can help you save tons on the application. Along with this, you can accomplish small tasks like Google Pay and get rewards. The best part is you can either cash out or use the rewards like a gift card.

The app has partnered with a variety of stores around the globe where you can shop and earn cashback.

Honey: Coupons & Cash Back

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 5 Million+
* Published by: Honey

This application brings to the home the joy of savings and rewards. Simply use the application or the mobile extension to shop from various online stores. You can simply start shopping and the coupons would easily be shown that would help you save the best.

Rakuten (formerly eBates)

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 10 Million+
* Published by: Rakuten Reward

This application is built specifically to help you with your grocery shopping app. You can trust this application to spend money on your grocery shopping. As the application is free the popularity is really good and they do offer some great rewards and discounts.


 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 1 Million+
* Published by: Drop Technologies Inc.

Get cashback offers on groceries, the drop application comes with numerous ways to earn like shopping, playing games, taking surveys, cashback offers, and gift cards that can even be used for playing arcade games within the application. Not just this, it helps users in searching for new games in the app stores that can help them earn more. Once you are done with the game you get more rewards that can easily be cashed out.

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If you are looking forward to earning while entertaining yourself then this is the right application to look for.


 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 1 Million+
* Published by: National Consumer Panel, LLC

Turn your receipts into money-generating coupons. Simply click and upload the bill image and see what best the application can offer you. The application covers a range of service providers from simple grocers to hardware shops.

You can even get selective gift cards that you can further share with your friends and family.

It is not necessary that you share the image today, take 14 days time to avail offers and discounts.

Target (formerly Cartwheel)

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 10 Million+
* Published by: Target Corporation

The application is extremely comprehensive to use and can help you save on your groceries. With contactless delivery applications, you can shop for your favorite products and schedule the delivery. With the Target Circle offers you can save more and avail some interesting rewards and discounts. You can even integrate REDcard with the application that offers an additional 5% savings on what you buy from the store.

Checkout 51

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 10 million+
* Published by: Checkout 51

How cool is it that your grocery receipt gets you interesting discounts and rewards? All you need to do is simply select the rebate before shopping and upload the shopping bill to affirm that you made a purchase.

Along with this, you can also link your cards with the application from the certified partners.

The application rolls over an update every Thursday at midnight. So as the week passes by some of these applications may be exhausted. Refresh your application every Thursday to check for new offers and cashback policies, choose the ones that you think are profitable and buy them to enjoy the benefits they have to offer.

The grocery money-saving application offers competitive discounts and solutions making it one of the best in the market. It lets the user redeem the offers after the purchases in various ways.

Makeena: Healthy Savings

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 100,000+
* Published by: Makeena

Similar to applications like Fetch Rewards and Ibotta, the application offers you rewards as soon as you share the picture of your purchase. It is not just groceries you can earn reward points on the buying of fresh fruits, vegetables, organic foods, and other items.

The application crafts various offers every day that helps you save a great amount.


 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 100,000+
* Published by: GrocerEaze

Search for the recipe, add items to your shopping list, and get discounts. This also allows you to add the prices to the item records. If you can find a cheaper offer you can mention that on the application and the application would track the prices for you.

The application is ladened with features and functions that make it easier to share meal plans and numerous recipes to purchase.

Grocery Smarts

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 100,000+
* Published by: Conrad Stoll

This is for the shopaholics who love to bargain. This application takes the rates from various applications and keeps notifying the users of the best solutions available. The application is constantly growing with new partners and offers you great savings on your shopping plan.

Here one needs to get the coupons printed instead of scanning the solutions. This could be a setback but the competitive prices are a win-win choice.


 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 100,000+
* Published by: Favado

Favado, a grocery-saving app, takes pride in price comparison. Its search function is to locate a nearby store that offered the greatest price on a certain item, not a specific brand.

This app also includes a favorite brand feature that gives you push notifications when your desired grocery store items go on sale.

Food On The Table

 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 100,000+
* Published by: Food On The Table

Food on the Table is a one-of-a-kind grocery-saving software that allows you to construct a shopping list, find recipes, learn about specific ingredients you’ll need, and find the best pricing possible.

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It was quite useful for adding recipes because it can automatically search for the ingredients you require. It also has functions such as emailing your recipe, categorising the categories you want to shop in, and more.


 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 10 Million+
* Published by: Ibotta, Inc.

This application has partnered with a range of stores and offers amazing discounts to its users. The only limitation with the application is it offers discounts on limited products from its partners. Although the application has partnered with not just the grocery stores, it also works with fashion, cosmetics, and other items. The application boasts to have partnered with around 300+ retailers from various domains.

The app works on the simple concept where you link your loyalty card with your app and save on your purchases.


 * Available On: iOS & Android
* Downloads: 10 Million+
* Published by: Shopkick

This application is a supercool amalgamation of a mysterious shopping side and reward offers. You can earn kicks here by completing various tasks that are assigned. The application isn’t limited to a single opportunity to earn, it comes up with various alternatives to make some money. The application is potentially a free and versatile way to save and earn. Once you have collected a certain number of points, you can use them in the form of gift cards.

Wrapping It All!

These are some of the best applications that can help you save and use coupons further. Grocery shopping is a routine and saving on routines is a great pleasure. If you are someone who wants to enter the market with a similar application, then you should connect with experts who can build Groupon-like applications for you.


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