Apple is all geared up to make a foray in smart speaker market with its introduction of HomePod which is a revolutionary product launched by Apple Inc. This is company’s totally new offering in last three years. This new product is akin to bringing Siri to your living room. What is startling is that now a lot of tech companies are following suit and are trying to come up with similar product.

But, Is homepod really a smart speaker? Let’s go through features

  • Apple’s Siri assistant is integrated into the speaker. This way you can get recommendations as to what music to hear. The device is paired with Apple’s Music service. It sends you text messages. You can check the news, sports scores etc. You can even control compatible home gadgets such as thermostats, lightbulbs etc.
  •  HomePod speaker is little less than seven inches in height. It is easy to set up.You just need iPhone 5s or iOS11 in case you need compatibility with the speaker.
  • It is covered in white or gray fabric mesh which enhances its overall appearance.
  • There is a computer processor in it which tunes the sound to your room.
  • It also beams explicit parts of music, such as voice of the singer toward listener.
  • HomePod is loaded with tweeters on its base, together with powerful 4-inch upward-facing woofer. You can even pair two speakers together in order to create stereo configuration. There is no clear indication whether the speakers can be used in a 5.1 home cinema configuration.
  • The speaker is spatially aware. This means optimizing it with your environment at home will not be a problem as it can easily detect the environ it is placed inside.
  • Sound doesn’t boom with Apple Homepod.
  • Speaker has 6 microphones which will be used by it to hear your voice commands. So basically you can not only control the sound but also use it to ask questions such as name of the band or who the drummer etc is.
  • Apple HomePod removes background sound in order to provide you a wonderful listening experience. This is made possible due to the A8 chip which is present in the product. This A8 chip is one of the most powerful processor to be ever placed in a product like speaker
  • The HomePod can also be used to render wide array of non-music features like sending you reminders, providing you weather information, and even controlling the HomeKit bolstered smart home devices.

Get Custom IoT Application Development to Operate Apple Homepod – Let’s Discuss

But then everything comes with a spate of little drawbacks. This holds true for this wonderful product as well.

HomePod users might face little constraint due to Siri’s deficiency of capabilities in comparison to Alexa, via which you can order whatever you like on Amazon and even from restaurants such as Domino’s.  Apple is working to expand work capacity of Siri so that itcan execute far more number of tasks for you.

Also Siri places emphases on just Apple’s owned apps. It does not allow you to use any alternatives. In case you Siri to play music, it will just be able to play songs which are present in your Apple Music app. So HomePod will only work with Apple Music subscription.

On the other hand similar products such as Alexa and Google Assistant enable you to make use of music app as per your wish, rather than limiting you to Google Play music and Amazon Prime Music respectively.

So, now let us see how HomePod’s technology braces it to face the competitors.