ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns Tik-Tok entered the market with an innovative and feature-rich video editing app, Capcut. Our short video app development team is in complete awe of this short video editing application and thus, here’s a quick review of the application.

Capcut Review
Short Video Editing App Capcut Information

Capcut: The New Video Editing Tool

Capcut is a free video editing app that lets users create short videos mostly for social media like TikTok and Instagram reels. The app is free to use for Android and iOS users and is marketed as a TikTok video editor app. 

  • In 2022, the most downloaded video app worldwide was TikTok. It had around 875 million downloads from Google Play and Apple App Store. Next in line was YouTube with around 190.8 million downloads and the third came Netflix with around 180 million downloads. 
  • In the first quarter of 2023, the reach for video content was around 93% to internet users. Video content is gaining popularity not just for personal branding but also in the fields of education and business.

Leading photo and video editor apps in the United States in July 2023, by revenue (in U.S. dollars)

Short Video Editing Apps

The numbers are a clear reflection of why video editing applications these days are gaining traction. This is one such application, and with its unique feature set and user-friendly interface, it has managed to be every user’s favorite video editor application.

CapCut Features That Make the App Unique  

Short Video Editing App Screens

Interactive Interface 

As compared to other short video editing applications, the user interface of CapCut is much more convenient and user-friendly. With easy navigation and interactive buttons, the application is a perfect choice for beginners and experts to use and edit their videos. 

Interesting Video Effects 

Any video editing application is expected to have a variety of interesting effects and filters to enhance the video quality and enhance it for the viewers. Along with the usual effects that one adds to the video, there are some other interesting and unique filters that CapCut offers. 

Video Speed Control 

Want to edit the speed of the video? CapCut makes it easy for you. You can simply choose if you want to fast-forward the video or slow it down. It lets the content creators edit their videos and reach a wider audience. 

Split Video 

With Capcut you can easily split your video into multiple parts and then edit them individually. Thus, you can have multiple effects in the same video in different parts. This is a unique feature that lets users make their videos more interactive and engaging. 

Video Editing App Development

What Makes CapCut Stand Out? 

The video editing app is one of a kind in many ways. The application has everything that can let users make videos like professional editors from AI to Lyrics and caption generation, If you think of it CapCut can do it. 

AI-Based Edits

The application has taken the editing game to a new level with the introduction of AI-based edits. This enhances the video quality and makes the videos clearer and more engaging. Editing with other filters after AI enhancement makes the videos much more engaging and appealing, thus adding more value to the video. 

Lyrics and Captions

With the ease of editing, one can even add lyrics and captions to their videos easily. One of the most notable features of this short video editing app is its extended music library. The app offers over a million songs to choose from and add to your video. Thus, users need not toggle between applications for small needs. 

The application offers a wide range of filters and effects to choose from. Along with this, the application offers a range of advanced features for free, such as keyframe animation, smooth slow-motion effects, chroma key, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and stabilization, to help you capture and snip moments.

Cost to Develop CapCut like a Short Video Editing App

The cost to develop a short video editing app like CapCut depends on various factors like the features and functionalities, the platform, the technology stack, the target users, the hiring model, the destination of the development team, the experience of the team, etc. 

Top Competitor Apps 

Some of the apps similar to CapCut 

Top Short Video Editing App Competitor


CapCut is gaining popularity around the globe, and the features it offers to its users are unmatched. If you have a similar short video app idea, you can connect with a reliable team that can help you build your presence in the market. 

The short video app offers features that are in line with advanced technology and help users create amazing videos in a matter of time.

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