An enriched version of Android OS named as Android Oreo 

Another developed version of Android OS launched by Google. This new Android OS is likely to be called as Android 8.0 with the nomenclature that emphasizes on the sweetness that Android Offers.

The release date for the new Android OS is still awaited, pertaining to the history laid by the google and its product launching strategies, Android Development companies are forecasting the OS announcement in May 2017. This new Android OS is inclusive of all the features that the current generation requires.

Google announces its new Android 8.0 as a battery saver version as it inculcates several intelligent solutions by managing the background and application activities and determine the priority of the activities and thus aids to save energy.

Multiple notification channels are introduced on the smart devices that can be timely updated and modified as per the user requirement.

Android O outlines bountiful of captivating features via improved keyboard supports and adaptive icons that paves a metaphorical approach for a much broader and sophisticated Android App development

It prescribes a novel framework for enabling the digital payments circulation much better and delivers a new cache storage mechanism that automatically deletes all the vulnerable data.

Thus, a more furnished scenario is laid by this all-new Android O in the spheres of App Development and web development as the graphics and display are now more embellished and more allured.

Android O is a complete justification for all the emerging technologies and contributes amazingly to the unstoppable evolving tech journey.