We have been seeing mobile applications around us for quite some time now. We have seen the number of smartphone users growing exponentially with the growing demand for the technology that virtually touches every part of our lives. With the increasing popularity and significant demand, we see the competition dwelling at a fast pace among the leading technology providers. Android and iOS for that matter, marks the spot of competition most prominently and have been influencing the users with aggressive changes and updates they bring-in frequently towards them. Android Vs iPhone Apple, with its iOS Operating System makes an impact on the innovation it is known for. With their use of C and C++ principles, they develop different powerful iPhone and iPad applications using their MAC tools. Equally popular and impressive, Android OS from Google, uses JAVA technology for developing robust applications for Android-based phones and tablets. Both the operating systems have a comfortable share in the market and quite enjoy giving a neck-to-neck fight to each other in the functionalities and features they offer. Versatility matters ? App Categories The number of applications created every month has drastically crossed the subtle figures we used to see a few years back. With so many mobile app development companies coming to the center and serving the market with ever advanced applications, it is becoming more and more challenging for app developers to act fresh and creative. Android, however, makes this possible with its versatile offerings, compared to iOS. The number of users and categories of applications Android presents overdoes the iOS?s share. So, if we specifically talk about the versatility offered, it is Android that will impress you more. Tablet market: iPad Vs Android? Comparing the iPad with Android tablets, you will find Apple?s version of tablet winning majority votes. With its innovative features and definitive functional enablement, the iPad keeps its exclusivity aloud and alive. On the other hand, Android tablets have not succeeded in penetrating the user base the way the iPad has done. They are paying more on the cost-cutting and it seems that tablet users look more for that ?authentic 10-inch experience? without compromising on quality. Few important features offer iPad edge over the Android tablets and win it more votes are Two-Antennas & MIMO Wireless Technology, High-quality Retina Display Resolution, 24-Percent Less Overall Volume and of course the Apple A7 System on a Chip. Friendly platform ? Launch and Distribution Android clearly wins this spot as Google allows you to launch the Android app easily on the store with its fluid approval process. On the other hand, it takes more than one month to put an app on the Apple store as compared to just a few hours in case of Android. This is highly favored by the small scale Android app developers to publish their apps on large platforms. Also with App Store?s strict approval policies, it becomes difficult for the iPhone app developers to get it passed easily ? making the platform quite unfriendly compared to Android. Marketing Apps ? Which one is better? In the end, it?s the reach that matters. The more users for your app equal more profits and large publicity. With substantially large numbers, Android phone users in the market, your app gets into more hands and of course increases possibilities of getting a response from the prospects and increase your brand visibility. iOS too has its segment of users in which it has penetrated well and imposed great competition to its competitors but the dispersion is restricted to an area. Still, the competition looks quite stiff and the decision to choose a platform to market apps should better rest with the business. To conclude, you can find both the platforms having their own pros and cons. The best practice is to study the market well before you get on with it. According to mobile app development experts, it?s important for you to first read your audience, strategize and move ahead with an experienced mobile app development partner to ensure the right direction for your app-making endeavor ? to realize maximum returns.  
Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal IT Solution, a prominent Mobile App Development Company offering cutting-edge iPhone App Development and Android App Development services to Startups, SMEs and Fortune-500 Companies.

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