Top Programming Languages According to GitHub That Are Trending in 2022

In a technology-dominant world, people are eager to learn a programming language to have great career prospects. Writing a flawless computer program is the need of the hour. Technology is facilitating various industries to make things easier. Aircraft work on autopilot mode, digital speedometers in the vehicles, food delivery applications to meet those hunger pangs, groceries being delivered at home, other salon services in a click. Computers are everywhere, helping companies to enhance their business operations. Moreover, as per the changing needs of the market, companies also require professionals who possess strong knowledge of more than one programming language.

To develop a mobile application or a website, to procure technical certification, or to learn new skills being introduced in the market, it is important to have a firm hand on one or two programming languages.

With everything being available on the internet so easily, one can explore a lot of solutions without being involved in a lot of complexities. Just get the certifications done and you can practice these languages. Along with professional experience, it becomes quite easier for you to enhance and upscale your understanding.

In this blog, we have highlighted GitHub’s top languages 2022, which are doing a tremendous job in the market and are expected to grow their horizons this year also.

GitHub has information about what’s happening in the realm of coding. It has nearly 24 million clients situated in 200 nations who are now taking a shot at 337 diverse programming dialects. These clients incorporate workers from a portion of the main tech organizations, for example, Apple, Google, and Facebook. These workers depend on GitHub to spread their open-source programming to the world.

Now let’s explore more about the top programming languages 2022 GitHub that are in high demand.

Summary for quick glance:

Programming languages are the backbone of any software and application development. It is very vital to understand each language from its core. But according to the time synopsis, the importance of one language over the other has been fluctuating. It’s a mere difficulty for the developers to choose between the best one.

This write-up is the proceeding in favor of the most authenticated source i.e. Github, best known as a platform for code plug-up and vitality of developers. By understanding how languages and their repositories are working on Github, it is easy for the new developers or learners to go further.

Market Stats & Growth of Programming Languages in 2022

The market of technical languages has been growing in the last decade very rapidly. There is no particular measure for the growth of the languages; although some witness higher jobs in the market, while others are good for building the applications. Some have advanced communities where developers have strong footprints and some are liked by the businesses. With the advancement in the growth of technologies these languages are even more impactful and refurbished. New updates, version controls, APIs, and integrations make it not less than globally powerful.

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We have come to the point to understand some of the stats which revealed and helped us to pick some of the most demanding languages in 2022 and the coming decade. Some strong sources built these stats more generously.

So let’s begin with the StackOverflow source!

  • Clojure is the highest-paid language with the median salary of a developer being $95k. Next to it is F#. Perl was the top-paying language till the first quarter of the year 2021.
  • Full-stack developers are on the top of the developers’ list with 49.47%. While backend and front end developers are 43.7% and 27.4% respectively.
  • The most popular language is still Javascript, top in the lane for nine years with 64.96%. Python is third, with 48.24%.
  • More than 90% of the developers have used GIT as their primary tool for one-place live projects. Docker is the next in the race.
  • Rust (86%) is the most loved language in the sixth year while Python (67.8%) is the most wanted language of 2021.
  • As per Statista, the top popular languages among developers are; Javascript, HTML/CSS, Python, SQL, Java, Node.js, Typescript, C#, Shell, c++, PHP, C, Powershell, Go lang, Kotlin, Rust, Ruby, and Dart.
  • Survey as per the; Javascript is on the top with 17.95%, Python with 15.9%, Java with 12.9%, Go with 8.2%, Typescript with 7.2%, C++ with 6.6%, etc.

We are now in the position to understand more about each one of the programming languages in detail, which have great contributions to GitHub.

Top Programming Languages 2022 on GitHub

When talking about the languages that are prominent in 2022, GitHub has listed a few languages that have dominated the Information and Technology industry over the years. These languages have been used to develop interesting web solutions over time. If you want to train your team in some languages for basic coding and developing skills then here’s a list you can choose from.


Java is one of the most prominent languages that are high in demand. It is one of the significant choices by organizations for building dynamic enterprise web applications. The reason that Java development services are adapted by organizations on a large scale is their high stability. Java is the source language for designing many mobile applications. It is widely used to design the backend programming for websites that experience huge traffic like Amazon, YouTube, and Google, etc.

Advantages of Java

  • It is a collection of open-source libraries.
  • It automatically allocates the system’s memory and garbage collection clears the cache and cookies.
  • The code is designed based on the object-oriented programming model.
  • Exceptionally secure because of the rejection of express pointer and incorporation of a security supervisor answerable for characterizing the entrance of classes.
  • Supports multithreading programming and distributed computing.

Disadvantages of Java

  • Data structure quality cannot be created with the utmost quality because of the absence of templates.
  • Memory management is really expensive.
  • Over the years, the language has been used by Java developers to bring on the screen some highly popular and strong web solutions.

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Python tends to be one of the most popular programming languages in 2022 and is a simple language for fledglings to learn due to its coherence. Being a free open-source, python development possesses a large number of libraries that can be utilized well to support the users. There is a large python developer’s network too. Being equipped with user-friendly data structures this programming language can be used for machine learning. Software that supports 2D and 3D animation can be designed easily with Python. Examples are Inkscape, Autodesk.

Advantages of Python

  • It can be read easily.
  • Pliable in nature.
  • Multiple platforms and systems can be supported easily with this programming language.
  • Rather than compiling it is scripted.
  • Enclose official instruction along with the documentation.

Disadvantages of Python

  • Not reasonable for mobile computing.
  • Slow by the excellence of being an interpreted programming language.
  • Programming basics are not available.
  • Certain important basic concepts are hidden.


C/C++ would always be on the list of top 10 programming languages of all times as it is the base for all the programming languages. The reason that this language is chosen by the various programmers is that it is fast and reliable. The language also comprises a repository named Standard Template Library which is used for various data structures, mathematical operations, and algorithms.

Advantages of C/C++

  • Facilitates reaching to the objects that are blocked by various other programming languages.
  • Program execution is done rapidly with this programming language.
  • It is the most preferred language for designing multiple platform application development.
  • The designed code is easy to understand and efficient in performance.

Disadvantages of C/C++

  • The biggest drawback is that the language is not competent enough to handle the modern coding challenges.
  • There is no functionality like dynamic memory allocation and garbage collection.
  • Issues related to buffer overflow and memory corruption are there.

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JavaScript tends to be an object-oriented programming language that is widely used by developers for developing creative and interactive front-end applications. It is progressively utilized in the gaming industry and the Internet of Things (IoT). Also, it is among the important technologies used for web designing. Nowadays, various companies, especially new businesses, are utilizing Node.js technology which is a JavaScript-based run-time interface. Node.js lets engineers use JavaScript development for server-side scripting. Thus now with JS, you can utilize a solitary programming language for server-side and customer-side contents. If you are searching for that cool tech work at your preferred startup, you ought to genuinely consider learning JavaScript.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • The customer-side JavaScript is quick. It runs quickly inside the internet browser as there is no accumulation necessity.
  • Gives a more extravagant interface to a site.
  • Exceptionally adaptable.
  • Used for building dynamic applications.
  • It can be combined easily with other programming languages.
  • For programming over the web, JavaScript is the only prominent language that is used.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • Unavailability of copy or similar method.
  • As every browser has different functionality so the scripting can also be interpreted differently.
  • Permits only single inheritance.
  • The security risk for customer-side contents.


The language was created by the JetBrains group who were looking for an alternative that could be superior to Java. A lot of mobile app developers guarantee that the objective has been fulfilled well. Like Go, Kotlin can never lie in the list of the trendiest programming languages. However, measurements show that the request is developing.

With the ease of interoperation between Java and Kotlin, Android development is made easier and pleasant. As Kotlin addresses significant issues that surfaced in Java, engineers have revamped a few Java applications in Kotlin.

Some of the best businesses that make the most of Kotlin are Coursera, Uber, Pinterest, and Postmates.

Advantages of Kotlin 

  • Maximizes the productivity of the teams
  • Gives an improved run-time execution
  • Interoperability with Java
  • Easy to learn and reliable

Disadvantages of Kotlin 

  • Very different from Java
  • Slow compilation speed
  • Limited learning resources

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When looking at the numbers, clients of Kotlin are becoming staggeringly quick. The language is quite popular and a lot of new people are quite interested in learning the language over time.


Developed by Microsoft, it is a popular programming language with a market share of 7.2%. It is used by a huge community of GitHub developers for large applications. There is binding with syntactic support with different enumerations and features. The latest version comes as Typescript 4.5 which has superfast compilation and gives better tooling and editing integrations. Meanwhile, typescript catches the fast error and performs debugging in no time. It is reciprocating itself as the most adopted technology in 2021.


  • It is compatible with javascript and its libraries.
  • Easily spot any bugs in the debugging
  • It is a more expressive language when it comes to writing code and syntax.
  • Huge IDE support with the auto compilation and navigation.


  • There is code bloating, which slows down the heavy development process.
  • It is not a true static typing language, so there is a risk of conversions in the run time.


This is a client-based programming language that can be used over various platforms. That is why it is listed in the Github most popular languages 2022. The language was developed by Google and is employed to develop mobile, desktop, server, and web applications. This object-oriented, class-based, garbage-collected language with C-style syntax is quite popular among young developers. It can either compile native code or JavaScript.

The language saw the light of the day when Google announced Flutter. After that, it has been used by a lot of developers as an alternative to ReactNative. As big companies like Google, Alibaba, etc. adopted Flutter, the popularity of Dart rose considerably.

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Advantages of Dart

  • An open-source language
  • Quite flexible for development
  • Easy to learn
  • Offers tooling support
  • Ensures enhanced productivity

Disadvantages of Dart

  • Limited resources to learn
  • New to programmers with rare applications
  • In the development phase

Go Language:

Go, also termed Golang, is the programming language that is designed by Google. This language provides extended assistance to multithreading applications hence it is adopted by the organization that relies on the shared systems and has made its way into the list of GitHub’s most popular languages.

Advantages of Go:

  • Assisted by Google.
  • It is easy to learn because of clear syntax.
  • It is more secure because of its typing style.
  • Requires agile notations.
  • Is very fast in processing.

Disadvantages of Go:

  • No support repositories.
  • Lack of adaptability.
  • Complex programming results are less effective due to the absence of virtual machines.

Ruby-on-Rails (RoR):

Ruby is a language that is known for easy learning. It was designed to have a sentence structure that can be easily understood by humans and can be compliant from a point of view of object-oriented engineering. Its base is the procedural and practical programming documentation. The web-application structure which is executed in Ruby is called Ruby on Rails development. The Ruby engineers have touted it for being a straightforward language to write in and in any event, for the relatively short learning time required. Such credits have added to working up a huge network of Ruby developers.

Advantages of Ruby

  • Direct and quick production of web applications.
  • Refined, durable, and simple to unravel.

Disadvantages of Ruby

  • Performance is highly affected because of a little run time.
  • Stability is affected by fewer boots.


Rust is known for the fast blazing speed language and can boost up the performance of the code in no time. Develop can embed the code with different simulators, for easy integrations of coding and debugging.

Rust ensures the business and the applications develop in it with tight security and no memory leakage. However, it owes you to remove any of the bugs found at the compilation time.


  • Rush has great documentation support, tool builder, type inspections, auto-format, and many more.
  • CLI command line support makes the distribution scalable.
  • It uses one module at a time which makes it superfast for the network services.
  • It offers low-resource and cross-platform solutions.
  • Big cloud services like Cloudflare, Dropbox, and Firefox.


  • A single degree of implementation sometimes causes a risk that can be insolvent in the long run.
  • It has a high curve, dependent on C++ sometimes which takes time for learning and deployment.
  • It is very strict for some developers which backs off them from learning and development.


Swift programming is utilized for developing iOS applications. These days iOS device demand is increasing in the market. By replacing Objective C, Swift has now become the number one language for Apple software. Therefore, Swift is designed for making program writing easier for the developers. It bolsters almost everything that is running from the programming language to Objective-C.

Advantages of Swift

  • It is safe and secure.
  • This technology is the major source of future developments at Apple.
  • Utilizes modern programming methodologies and standards.

Disadvantages of Swift

  • Significant adjustments in each discharge make it unsteady.
  • Proper functionality and connectivity with third-party tools and frameworks are less.


PHP is among the most famous backend programming languages. Even though PHP is confronting extreme challenges from Python and JavaScript, the market still needs countless PHP developers. The individuals who wish to join a sensibly well old association as a backend designer should expect to learn PHP programming.

Advantages of PHP

  • Availability of various frameworks.
  • Simple to begin for making site pages.
  • Effective debugging can be completed with the Xdebug feature.
  • Loads of computerization apparatuses for testing and sending applications.
  • No shortage of good computerization instruments for sharing and testing.

Disadvantages of PHP

  • There are no proper resources available for securing the code.
  • Error handling is not managed well in PHP.
  • Extensions are required for enabling any additional feature.

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The most powerful language which is used for .Net programming is C#. It is a language that is based on the concept of an object-oriented programming paradigm. Mobile applications for Android, Windows, and iOS are designed on C#. Moreover, it is used widely for backend programming, designing various family platforms, etc.

The language can be seen as one of the most popular ones since it is one of the earliest languages that was so easy to understand and work on. Over the years there have been several languages in the picture but this has made it easy for the people to connect with.

Advantages of C#

  • Follows a linguistic structure like the C programming language.
  • Completely incorporated with the .NET library.
  • Perfect for a wide range of Windows application development.
  • Can be compiled quickly and has fast execution time.


Disadvantages of C#:

  • Practically all factors are references and memory reallocation is certainly utilizing a garbage collector feature.
  • Offers less adaptability than C++
  • Requires appropriate time and effort for learning the language.
  • Settling blunders requires genuine aptitude and information.


Matlab is an analytical tool prominently used for analyzing huge data sets, being well utilized in the image processing industry also. The language has been making it big in the market and is being a part of a lot of interesting solutions that can help you through. A thorough read and interesting solutions make it easier for people to choose to work with this language.

Advantages of Matlab

  • Facilitates creating logical reenactment on account of a rich inbuilt library.
  • Usefulness can be broadened significantly by including various tools.
  • High coding proficiency and efficiency as it doesn’t require a compiler for execution.
  • Perfect for creating logical research applications.
  • Matlab Coder permits changing over code for utilization in other programming dialects, for example, C++, Java, and Python.

Disadvantages of Matlab

  • It requires purchasing a license and is not free to use.
  • To deal with intense compilation errors, appropriate knowledge and experience are required.
  • Being an interpreted programming language it is slow in functionality.

The languages we have shared here are some of the best in the industry. Some of these have been dominating the industry since they were launched and others took time. If you are new in the industry and want to upscale your skills just make sure that you practice these languages well and that can help you grow stronger and better.

Understanding these languages and their practical application makes it much easier for people to find solutions that can earn better and help you make a strong solution.


Perl is designed and known for its simplicity. It is a high-level interpreted language, with the main focus on code simplicity. Perl has a very prolonged presence in the industry of technologies. Data static analysis, machine learning, and financial analysis are the top-notch streams, where Perl performs a quick analysis, prototyping, to handle in a much better way.


  • It is an open-source language, which makes it more proactive for developers. It is free to write, modify, copy and distribute the codes.
  • The syntax is easy to read and write.
  • Perl can easily handle the exceptions in the code on run time.


  • Here the modules are tightly dependent on each other so the cost for any of the modifications is a nightmare.
  • Perl has a slow runtime speed, making it difficult to integrate with the RoR applications.
  • Flexibility issues.


Scala is another programming language, with a market share of 2.3%, progressively growing in 2022. It is server-side programming used by most server-side programmers and data engineers.


  • Working on traits; scala has the flexibility of the Java-style inheritance.
  • Consists of huge scala libraries with more than 1.7 lakh releases supported by the scala center.
  • Runs on a JVM machine to run the high-performance systems within a time frame.
  • It is used to handle heavy data processing for a large level of companies. Other sources like data engineering, web development, and distributed computing.


  • Scala has limited resources, which makes it difficult to handle complex projects.
  • Sometimes it is hard to learn by the programmers.

It is clear that various languages will be used for programming in the coming decade.

Final Thoughts!

GitHub gives us broad information on well-known languages that are accessible to code and programming. One can analyze the complete project requirements and can decide on which language is to have opted for the development. Each programming language accompanies a lot of advantages and downsides though, the decision is completely individualized.

Moreover, if you have plans or requirements regarding mobile application development then you can easily get in touch with us. We at Octal IT Solution possess great expertise in designing dynamic and user interactive web and mobile application solutions for business which certainly helps you in gaining an edge over your competitors. Along with this, hire mobile app developers committed to delivering the best quality product which completely satisfies the requirements of our clients.


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