Hunger never fades. Be it any economic condition, booming or depression but restaurants survive. But with so many new restaurants coming up with new themes and cuisines, it is imperative for a restaurant owner to keep up with the competition by maintaining the quality and the taste of food and most importantly device innovative methods to retain customers.

Some essentials that you need to grow a restaurant are:

A great chef and a nice theme

If customers are King, then the chef is like the army chief. No kingdom can survive without one. A great chef is the backbone of a restaurant. His hands should be able to weave magic and keep customers coming back from more. The location and the theme of the restaurant are equally important. Before setting up the restaurant, scan the area, access to what is missing and what it is that people would love to have. Having a parking place would be an added advantage.

POS billing software

Point of Sales (POS) software makes the life of the restaurant owner easy. Cloud-based POS is easier and cost-effective than buying the entire software. It helps to reduce the cost of the business. The POS billing software must be able to generate invoices as per GST norms. It must be able to manage inventory, add appropriate offers and discounts and manage employees. It should be multi-platform friendly and work on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets seamlessly.

Social Media Reach

One of the best and free way of marketing and promoting your business is to make your presence felt on social media. Everyone is there on social media. The food blogging industry is growing fast. There is no better promotion for your business than by word of mouth. Invite food bloggers for tasting, upload pictures and videos of events happening in your restaurant on your page, send personalized messages regarding discounts and offers and notify the customers regarding menu changes, events happening and timings.

An attractive logo

An attractive logo is sure to entice more customers and build a permanent brand image. Make sure the logo you design is creative, unique and reflects the ambiance of the type of restaurant. Try to avoid cliched elements as much as possible. Your logo will be seen on banners, billboards, flyers, street signs, magazines, newspapers, websites, and menu cards. So, the logo should be engaging and invoke curiosity. You can use canvas for logo design or hire a freelancer from 99designs.

Supply chain management

A restaurant makes a maximum profit when all the provision bought and the food made is consumed by its customers in a timely manner. When this happens, that means the supply meets demand. Demand and supply chain management is one of the crucial elements to run a business effectively. Less demand and more supply will result in loss and more demand and less supply will bring a bad reputation thereby losing customers. So maintaining the right balance is important. Have a business management tool to manage the inventory for running a successful restaurant.


A restaurant is a flourishing, evergreen and a thriving business. But the competition out there is fierce with many new food joints popping up each day. One should be able to make smart decisions to support its growth and prevent it from shutting down. The quality of food, taste and the service offered should be such that even with so many eating places to choose from, customers should be drawn towards your restaurant.

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Divyanshu Jangid is a Digital marketing expert with experience in marketing and communications. His interests include researching, reading about new technologies and content marketing. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends and playing billiards.

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